One Piece Episode 108


Luffy and his friends are still trapped in the cage at the crocodile’s headquarters. The crocodile gives the key to one of his banana crocodiles as a morsel. In an hour, he plans to flood the entire room with water. So the friends don’t have much time left. Eventually, Vivi manages to escape. Sanji and Chopper are still out in the city, and Vivi goes to get them to help. When she gets to the top, the bridge of the Golden Rain Casino collapses. Behind this is Sanji, who wants to make sure that the Baroque Company’s agents can’t get into the casino. He has a plan all worked out.

  • As Crocodile stands with Miss Bloody Sunday outside the entrance to the Golden Rain Casino and sees her agents defeated, Miss Bloody Sunday speaks to Crocodile, in the voice of Miss Doublefinger.
  • Crocodile then addresses Miss Bloody Sunday as Miss Doublefinger.
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