One Piece Episode 105


Princess Vivi, Luffy and his crew head to Rainbase to meet and finish off the crocodile. Meanwhile, Karoo has arrived in Arbana and delivers Vivi’s message to her father, the King of Arabasta. He then decides to leave for Rainbase as well to attack the crocodile. There is still great desolation in the rebel camp, a young boy named Kappa wants to join the rebels, but Koza kicks him out. Meanwhile, Luffy, Vivi and the others have arrived at Rainbase. Luffy and Usopp want to get water as soon as possible, and run into Captain Smoker and Tashigi. As a result, they are pursued by the Navy. Also, the Millions, who are informers all over town, have already located the Straw Hat Pirates and reported to the Crocodile that they are in town. As Luffy runs, snorting with rage, towards the casino where the crocodile is, Crocodile already knows.

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