One Piece Episode 1042


After throwing Sasaki to the ground with a suplex, Franky wants to finish him off with his Sword, but the latter is able to dodge at the last moment and starts flying again. Again he attacks Franky with his Sword out of the flight. Im close combat Sasaki manages to destroy Franky’s Sword with his head plates. Franky then wants to prepare an attack, but it takes some time, so he has to run away for the time being, whereupon his opponent chases him.

When they are too close to the main hall, Franky stops and gives Sasaki a shot of his Jeneraru Kyanon. Sasaki is hit full on and thrown away a bit, but he has withstood the attack and charges at Franky again. The latter has already loaded a second attack and jumps out of his robot just before Sasaki hits it, so that Franky underneath Sasaki can hit him with his Radical Beam, thus winning the fight.

Outside courtyard of Onigashima: Kaidou still can’t believe that the Dog Fruit, Model: Model: Okuchi no Makami had to be eaten by someone who calls himself Oden, of all people, since the Okuchi no Makami is considered the guardian spirit of Wano Country. Yamato smiles in satisfaction, whereupon Kaido attacks, but Yamato is able to dodge. Kaidou then says that Yamato is welcome to protect the land, but for him to be his guard dog. Yamato declines, but also drops his mace. The air around Yamato slowly freezes and Yamato declares that he will protect the land and the samurai and open the borders of Wa no Kuni. Yamato creates several ice needles that fly towards Kaidou. Kaidou says that he cannot allow anyone to open Wano Country and counters Yamato’s attack with his fire breath, whereupon Yamato in turn uses an ice breath.

Onigashima, 3rd floor: Robin and Brook are enveloped by a strange mist. Robin then disappears from Brook’s field of vision. Robin herself is walking through the corridors when she suddenly sees her mother. But not only Nico Olvia, also Clover and Saul appear in front of her.

Robin then has several memories from her past: how she met Clover, how Professor Clover made a surprise party for her, how she first saw her mother, how the agents of the world government came, shot Clover, attacked the island and froze Saul.

Robin knows the three figures in front of her are just illusions and feels she doesn’t have time to reminisce when her friends are in danger. The fake Saul in front of her thinks she should forget her friends and attacks. Robin, however, is able to dodge and summons three giant arms that attack the illusions. These turn out to be some of Black Maria’s henchmen. The fake Saul was a member of the Numbers, a female Giant named Kunyun, who goes down after Robin’s Attach. Robin explains that she will live on for her friends and protect human history. These are things that her opponent cannot understand.


  • In the flashback, when Saul is frozen, it is daytime in the background and the forest is completely undamaged.
  • In the episodes in which this flashback was originally shown, evening had slowly fallen and the forest was burning in the background due to the Buster Call.
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