One Piece Episode 1041


Yamato and Kaidou both fight bitterly against each other. Kaidou thinks that Yamato should drop his little rebellion and use his strength for him as the new Shogun of Wano Country. Yamato refuses and declares that it is his job to keep Kaidou busy until Luffy returns. Another blow from Yamato is effortlessly blocked by Kaidou, whereupon Yamato now also uses his devil powers and changes into his animal-human form.

Main Hall: Sanji, meanwhile, stands his ground against Queen and is able to dodge and counter his attaches. Zoro, meanwhile, also wants to fight again, knowing that Sanji won’t be able to do it alone. Miyagi then prepares the drug, which will heal Zoro for now, but will add double the pain to him later. Zoro agrees, although he objects to the oversized syringe and Miyagi’s rough manner. Nevertheless, Miyagi injects Zoro with the miracle drug.

Franky, meanwhile, can finally focus on Sasaki, as the latter’s own Gifters unit has turned on him and is protecting Franky from enemies who continue to arrive. Still, the Triceratops can take a beating, which doesn’t make it easy for Franky. Sasaki, however, also has trouble dealing damage to Franky and now shifts into his beast-human form as well.

Outer Courtyard of Onigashima: Kaido explains that it was hard to get the Devil Fruit that Yamato ate, and originally not even Yamato was supposed to eat it. Yamato explains that this was also just an accident and she ate the fruit out of hunger. Yamato ate of the dog fruit, model: Okuchi no Makami. However, Yamato explains that he will use the powers he has gathered under Kaidou to protect Wano Country, otherwise he would no longer be able to call himself Oden.

Back with Franky and Sasaki, the latter brings out his Sword and activates a trick mechanism that reveals a spiral on the Sword. Shortly after, the blade begins to rotate. However, that’s not all that begins to rotate. Sasaki’s head plates in his Triceratops form begin to rotate around his neck, causing him to take off like a helicopter. From the air, he attacks his former subordinates as well as Franky. The latter tries to shoot him down in the air, but fails to hit him.

The two exchange blows again and again until Sasaki comes in for a landing. He goes back to his full beast form and rotates his head plates again to pierce Franky with a powerful tackle and his horns. But he has rotated in the wrong direction and slid backwards several feet. To cover up the embarrassing mistake, he thinks this was intentional to have more run-up for the real attack. The attack comes shortly after and Franky tries to intercept it. But the launcher in his shoulder is damaged by one of the horns and explodes. Sasaki thinks he’s the winner, but Franky is now able to grab him by the horns and take him out with a suplex.

Polar Tang: The Heart pirates have gotten all the water out of Luffy by now. It still takes some time, but Luffy gets his color back and demands a portion of meat.

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