One Piece Episode 1040


Nami, Usopp and Tama ride through the corridors on speed. Some Marys spot them and pass this on so that other members of Kaido’s crew can ambush them, but Daifugo and Gazelleman are easily dealt with by such stooges. Tama thanks them, but tells them to be careful, as they are precious friends to Tama. These words only move and motivate the two more. Usopp finds Tama’s ability truly admirable, as one doesn’t usually make friends on the battlefield. At this cue, Zeus speaks up and asks Nami about her relationship status, if he would be her sidekick or pet again. Nami denies this and says that she doesn’t need such a thing. Chagrined, Zeus understands this especially since he recently attacked her on Big Mom’s orders. Nami sees how hard this is on Zeus and goes on to explain that while she doesn’t need a sidekick or pet, she wouldn’t mind a partner. Highly motivated, Zeus then takes care of more of Kaido’s henchmen who are blocking their way.

In their room, the CP0 agents learn the current status after several troops have already switched sides and others have been defeated. Meanwhile, the troop strength has changed so that there are only 16,000 on Kaido’s side and now 9,000 on the samurai’s side. Since it was 30,000 against 5,400 at the beginning, the tide has clearly turned in favor of the samurai. The agent Maha says that the outcome of the battle doesn’t really matter to them, as they just need to make sure that a certain person dies before they spill secrets of the world government: Who’s-Who. Guernica says that he is currently fighting Jinbe.

Meanwhile, Jinbe asks Who’s-Who why he became a pirate. Guernica says that Jinbe has no right to judge, since he himself is working for a little brat. Jinbe then asks him if he really hates Luffy that much for stealing the gum-gum fruit, to which Who’s-Who corrects that of course he hates Shanks, since he was to blame for everything. Shanks stole the fruit at that time, causing Who’s Who’s life to become hell, and Luffy got his hat and the fruit from Shanks. While life got better and better for Luffy as a result, Who’s Who’s life got worse, which is why he in turn wants to kill Luffy. He then attacks Jinbe again with a fang gun, which Jinbe tries to fight off with Haki, but despite Haki armor, a wound remains.

However, Who’s-Who thinks that Luffy is just a brat in the end, which had his mouth too full, since Kaidou defeated him with ease. The former agent then has to laugh, while Jinbe explains that Luffy will surely return, since he is still alive. Who’s-Who says that he will then kill him once he is done with Jinbe, to which Jinbe replies that it is then his duty to stop Who’s-Who. Who’s-Who steels his body with iron armor and races full speed towards Jinbe, who is able to stop him and counter with a shoulder throw. Jinbe then tries to hit him with a water shot, but Who’s-Who is able to dodge with shaving.

The saber-toothed man remembers that he had a question for Jinbe. During his captivity, he heard rumors of a sun god named Nika, who represents freedom. This ancient warrior is said to have always laughed and rescued others from their misfortunes. Among the prisoners and slaves, it was said that whoever prayed to Nika would surely be helped by him. At some point, Who’s-Who had also started to believe and pray. Jinbe asked what this had to do with him. Who’s-Who thought that maybe the Sun Pirates knew something, since they had former slaves in their crew, after all. Further, Who’s-Who explains that the guard who told him about it was murdered a short time later, so he thought he was going to be killed for that knowledge as well, and that’s why he broke out.

Both opponents then go back into hand-to-hand combat. Who’s-Who seems to briefly gain the upper hand with his finger gun spot, but Jinbe concentrates his haki on his body, causing his opponent to break his fingers. Shortly after, Jinbe grabs him and breaks his wrists. Who’s-Who wants to escape, but Jinbe has already stood on his tail, causing the ex-agent to stumble. Jinbe then finishes it off with his Onigawara Seiken. The shockwave of the punch sends Who’s-Who crashing into the nearest wall, whereupon Jinbe says to be careful when snooping around in other people’s history.

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