One Piece Episode 104


Luffy, Vivi and the others spend the night in the Yuba Oasis. There, they learn that the rebel army is now in Katorea and plan to return there. The special agents of the Baroque Company have gathered in Rainbase at the casino, where they meet Mr. 0, whom they have not known personally until now. Mr. 0, aka “the Crocodile”, is preparing them for their last big mission. Suddenly, Mr. 3 shows up and asks for a second chance. He admits that the Straw Hat Pirates and Princess Vivi got away from him. However, Mr. Zero shows no mercy. He gives orders to finish off Luffy’s gang and Vivi. They are meanwhile on their way towards Katorea when Luffy suddenly goes on strike. He tells Vivi that he doesn’t see the point in going to Katorea because it wouldn’t stop Crocodile. There is an argument between Vivi and Luffy.

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