One Piece Episode 1039


After Tama gives her order to side with the Straw Hats and the Samurai, 300 Gifters have switched sides throughout Onigashima.

With Inuarashi and Jack, Hamlet starts attacking other members of the Beast Pirates gang.
Jinbe, who was repeatedly ambushed while fighting Who’s-Who, now gets support from Poker.
Sasaki’s special Armored Poisoners squad also no longer protects him from Franky and now opposes him. Franky doesn’t know what’s going on, but gladly accepts the help.

Main Hall: Queen correctly guesses that this must be Tama’s doing and wants to attack her with his mouth cannon. But Sanji is able to stop him and close his mouth with a kick, causing the cannon to go off inside Queen’s mouth. Queen angrily titles Sanji as Jajji’s son, to which Sanji retorts that he doesn’t want to hear his father’s name. Sanji continues to suspect that Queen was probably part of the same team of scientists as his father. Queen admits that he was part of MADS, but that was a long time ago.

He transitions into his hybrid form and shows that he has improved it with his technology and that he is a cyborg himself. Sanji asks Chopper how Zoro is actually doing, noting Chopper’s side effect from the new Rumble Balls. Instead of being immobilized for an hour now, Chopper’s body has turned into an infant, with Chopper himself talking like an old man. He is now so small that Tristan carries him on the palms of her hands while he examines Zoro. Zoro has broken 20 to 30 bones. While he is stable, any further stress could be life threatening. Chopper doubts Zoro will be able to participate in any more fights here. Zoro, however, doesn’t want to hear about it. Miyagi reluctantly mentions that there is a special drug that could help Zoro, but the side effects are not without danger.

This miracle drug can make even the most severe wounds heal quickly, but after a certain time the one who has taken it suffers double the pain. Chopper would like to send Zoro back to the battlefield, but the risk is too high for him. However, Zoro explains that the discussion is unnecessary and they should just give him the drug, he doesn’t care about the side effects.

Hallways: Nami and Usopp want to get Tama to safety, as some of the pirates are now hunting them down, hoping to make the Gifters go back to normal. Nami wants to take care of her pursuers, but the trio gets help from Daifugo, who takes care of the pursuers. Speed also arrives shortly after and offers Tama and Nami to ride on her. Gazelleman now comes running and declares that he has spotted Komachiyo in a lower hallway.

Im Jinbe’s fight against Who’s-Who, the latter now unsheathes his Sword, but it turns out that Who’s-Who only had a dagger in it. But he suddenly uses a finger pistol with it, which he calls a sword pistol. He then dodges a counterattack from Jinbe with a shave and moonwalk, and then counters with Orkankick. Jinbe knows these techniques as they are all used by world government agents. He remembers hearing that a caged World Government agent escaped some time ago. Who’s-Who goes into his hybrid form and confirms that it was him. While Jinbe used to work for the World Government as a Samurai of the Seas, Who’s-Who was a member of the CP9 who was said to be as good as Rob Lucci.

While Who’s-Who likes his current life more, when he heard about the Straw Hat, he was reminded of his bitter past. Jinbe says that this has nothing to do with him, to which Who’s-Who counters that Jinbe introduced himself earlier as a proud member of the Straw Hat Pirates, so he would already have something to do with it. Who’s-Who explains that he once had a mission to bring the gum-gum fruit safely to the World Government, but his Ship was attacked and the fruit stolen, after which he fell from grace and was imprisoned as punishment. Then, a few years later, Straw Hat Luffy emerged with the powers of the stolen fruit.

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