One Piece Episode 1038


Polar Tang: Law’s crew has found Luffy in the sea. They drive under him so that he lands on the deck of the submarine, which then appears. Since the captain of the Heart Pirates is also the ship’s doctor, the crew doesn’t know what to do at first to help Luffy get back on his feet. Jean Bart first manages to force the water out of Luffy with his strength, but the crew doesn’t know what to do next.

Meanwhile, Shinobu manages to break her and Momonosuke’s fall from Onigashima by bringing out a kite, which she uses to take herself and Momonosuke to the shore. Momonosuke, while glad to be safe, cries at the thought that Kin’emon and company didn’t make it.

Onigashima, second floor: Usopp has managed to separate Ulti from Tama, whereupon Nami is about to launch another attack with thunder and lightning, but out of her staff, to her surprise, comes Zeus in his cloud form. The latter charges up and lets loose a mighty bolt of lightning, but Ulti is able to leap into the air at the last second and seems to be safe. She announces that Nami will live to regret this, but suddenly it is revealed that the lightning that attacked Ulti was Zeus, who now changes direction and catches Ulti full on, sending her to the ground finally defeated. Bao Huang, seeing this, accidentally announces this all over Onigashima, thus weakening the fighting spirit of her own side. Usopp overhears this and uses his Pop Green to create a large plant, which Bao Huang grabs.

The Straw Hats sniper then tells Tama that if she wants to pass on her order to the Gifters, she should use Bao Huang as a microphone.
Meanwhile, Jinbe, Franky and Inuarashi are having trouble defeating their opponents as they keep getting attacked out of the corner by newly added henchmen.

In the main hall, Gifters have now also been sent in, led by Briscola, to kill the traitors from Waiters and Pleasures.

Tama, on the other hand, takes courage as everyone else is also fighting, and then announces her order to all the Gifters who have eaten their dumplings to side with Ruffy and Momonosuke’s group and fight the 100 Beasts Pirates. After only a few seconds, to Queen’s shock, most of the Gifters in Onigashima then side with the samurai and attack their former comrades.

Outer Courtyard: Yamato wants to sever the father-child bond with Kaido and challenges Kaido. The latter first goes into his dragon form and flies over to Yamato, asking what he wants to protect since Luffy and Momonosuke have already sunk into the sea. However, Yamato believes that they will return and Luffy will drive Kaido off this land and when that happens, Yamato will join the Straw Hats.

Yamato declares that Kaido should go elsewhere to build his pirate empire. Kaidou goes into his hybrid form and explains that he is building his empire here precisely because this is Wano Country. Both prepare to attack, sheathing their weapons in haki. Yamato explains he knows he can’t defeat Kaidou, but create enough time for Luffy to take over again. Shortly after, they both charge at each other.

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