One Piece Episode 1037


After Momonosuke lets everyone know that Luffy will return and defeat Kaido, Kaido shows up right in front of Momonosuke and Shinobu. Shinobu runs away and manages to get outside through a hole in the wall. However, Kaido is able to catch up with them easily and push them into a dead end. Shinobu’s attaches again seem ineffective against her attacker.

Kaidou thinks that the return and victory of the straw hat, the opening of the land and the happy ending that Momonosuke hopes for, is nothing more than a dream. Kaido eventually attacks, whereupon Shinobu uses her devil powers on the ground, causing it to become squishy and broken by Kaido’s attack. As a result, Shinobu and Momonosuke now fall from Onigashima as well. The Mary Frog that Momonosuke had is able to get to safety and transfers the fall to Bao Huang.

Main hall: Bao Huang hopes to finally destroy the fighting spirit of all samurai with this information and prepares for the announcement.
2nd floor: Nami, Usopp and Tama are on their way to the main hall to give the order to all Gifters to change sides. In doing so, they are more than happy that Luffy is still alive. Another voice is happy about this as well. When they go to see where the voice is coming from, Nami and Usopp realize with a shock that Nami’s Climatic Clock suddenly has Zeus’ face and is talking.
Big Mom has to laugh at the thought of Luffy defeating Kaido, but Kid thinks it’s time for people like Big Mom and Kaido to go away since there’s no place for them in the new pirate era. Law, who joins, agrees with Kid and thinks they should still put aside their differences for this opponent and form a temporary alliance.

Wano Country, Capital: Meanwhile, the Fire Festival is still in full swing. Hitetsu watches Toko and shows her a large bonfire set up to honor the dead. Toko wonders if her father would see this, to which Hitetsu says that he certainly does and is watching over her and the land.
Onigashima, Room: The CP0 gets an update from a Mary. Currently, there are still 24,000 troops on the Beast Pirate side and 3,000 troops on the Rebel side. However, the Waiters and Pleasures have switched sides in the main hall, so the score is actually 20,000 to 7,000.

2nd Floor: Zeus explains that just as his soul was leaving his cloud body and Nami was trying to reach him with her climate baton, both were swallowed by Hera, but in the process Zeus’ soul accidentally entered Nami’s baton, which Nami retracted shortly thereafter. Thus Zeus is a part of Nami’s weapon, which Nami doesn’t like very much, since she hasn’t fully forgiven Zeus yet. But at most Big Mom can separate Zeus from Nami’s baton.

Main Hall: The group reaches the main hall and appears behind Bao Huang, who was about to announce that Momonosuke was dead when Nami and company appear. But someone else shows up and knocks out Usopp and takes Tama hostage: Ulti. Ulti correctly combines that the betrayal of some poisoners and the attack of Big Mom against her was only because of Tama, which is why she wants to kill the girl. Nami can’t let this happen and takes out her staff, which, with Zeus’ help, turns into a morning star at the other end and knocks Ulti away. Zeus says he will help Nami as best he can, explaining that Ulti still has tough skin, but seems to be suffering from multiple internal injuries from Big Mom’s attack, and a good lightning attack should finally take her out. However, Ulti is still holding Tama, so such an attack would be too risky. Usopp then bombards Ulti with his special ammunition, creating algae that separates Tama and Ulti.

Sea, under Onigashima: Law’s crew have noticed a voice in their submarine and look to see where it is coming from. In doing so, they find Luffy sinking further and further and decide to rescue him.
Outside courtyard: Yamato has made it outside, where Kaido is still standing. Furious, Yamato challenges Kaido to sever their connection for good.

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