One Piece Episode 1036


After the news of Luffy’s defeat, Chopper can no longer focus on the fight and is overwhelmed by Queen. The samurai also lose their fighting spirit after Bao Huang’s announcement. Meanwhile, the floating Onigashima has reached the coast of Wano Country.

In the hallways, Izou and Kawamatsu try to reassure the samurai as they continue to fight Kaidou’s men.

Main Hall: Chopper has lost all fighting spirit. Perospero shoots another mass of rock candy arrows into the sky, where they multiply once more, while Queen now wants to give Chopper the coup de grace. He explains he had been holding back all along, as it was funny to him how motivated Chopper was. However, now that this is no longer the case, he wants to finish him off. But before he can do so, Sanji shows up and gives him a huge kick that knocks Queen away, causing him to intercept all the arrows that were about to fall and knock Perospero away. Sanji says Chopper did a good job of holding out the fight this long and he’ll take it from here. Further, he says Chopper should stop crying over the announcement of Luffy’s defeat, as they had witnessed miracles often enough on their journey. Further, he throws Zoro to him and says to get him ready to fight again.

Attic Between Hallways: Kaidou has taken down Kinemon with his club, while Shinobu is running away with Momonosuke. Kaidou goes after them, but Kinemon gets back up to stop him. In his mind, Kinemon thinks back to the first days after time travel.

Since they are searched everywhere and have not changed visually due to the time travel, Kinemon makes the suggestion that Momonosuke should pretend to be his son for the first time. The two then train in a hut to address the other correctly.

Present: Although he is in no condition to continue fighting, Kinemon tries to stop Kaidou, who feels that running away and playing for time is futile at this point. He takes out a sword and runs it through Kinemon, who lies motionless on the ground, hoping in his mind that Momonosuke stays alive. Kaidou slowly walks away, saying that it’s always hard to understand when you’ve lost.

In the hallways, Momonosuke asks Shinobu to stop for a moment. He’s still upset about Kinemon, but is trying to pull himself together to say something important. He pulls out the Mary Frog from his clothes that he was able to snag earlier, and uses it to make his voice heard everywhere. He explains that he has a message from Luffy, whose voice he can still hear. The message is that he will be back and they should not worry. Instead, while they are still alive, they should keep fighting. Once Luffy would be back, he would defeat Kaidou. The troops’ fighting spirit recovers and everyone is once again ready to keep fighting until the bitter end.

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