One Piece Episode 1035


Momonosuke is still suffering because of a loud voice that only he can hear. Shinobu doesn’t know what to do when she hears that Kinemon and Kiku are finally nearby. She lowers the ladder to the attic and thus the two of them enter.

Main Hall: Despite being knocked to the ground several times by Chopper, and even thrown onto a building with his back at the end, Queen is able to laugh it off, explaining that Chopper’s attacks are simply too weak and have no effect on him. Perospero, meanwhile, fires off another wave of arrows, to which Chopper intercepts them with his back before they hit the samurai and pirates who have switched sides. Chopper knows that his three minutes will soon be up and the side effects of his monster form will kick in.

Flashback, Thousand Sunny, time between Punk Hazard and Dress Rosa: Chopper has shown and explained his Rumble Balls to Caesar, to which the scientist can only laugh. While it does allow Chopper to grow to giant size, it only does so for three minutes, which is pretty much nothing, according to the scientist. Caesar thinks he could improve the Rumble Balls and extend the time limit to maybe five or even ten times that. Chopper thinks that would come with risks and side effects, though. Caesar, however, thinks that if Chopper is truly a pirate, something like this shouldn’t stop him if he wants to be useful to his comrades. The enemies that are yet to come can’t be defeated in three minutes, and Chopper would live to regret it if his friends got hurt just because he was afraid for himself because of side effects. After some thought, Chopper agrees with Caesar and gets him the chemicals to adjust the Rumble Balls.

Present: Chopper refuses to give up and continues to fight Queen, who now uses his cyborg powers in addition to his Zoan powers, attacking with an extendable neck and laser cannons. Meanwhile, Bao Huang puts all the Marys in Onigashima on speakerphone and declares that Kaidou has since defeated Luffy. Chopper loses concentration for a moment when he hears this and is overcome by Queen in response. Bao Huang explains that Kinemon’s group also lost to Kaidou, so there is no one left to stand in his way. Kaidou himself would be coming down soon to clean up after himself, but he accepts anyone who surrenders willingly.

Attic: Shinobu forgot to retract the ladder, which Kanjuro noticed. Kanjuro takes the form of Oden and now goes to the attic as well. Meanwhile, Shinobu is too late to find Mary, who has been watching them the whole time. Momonosuke, on the other hand, wants Kinemon to relay a message to the others. But before he can explain what it’s about, Kanjuro, disguised as Oden, comes to them. Momonosuke immediately wants to go to him, but is held back by Kinemon. Kiku can’t stand Kanjuro continuing to take advantage of Oden’s appearance and attacks him with full force. However, when Kanjuro uses Oden’s voice to remind Kiku of their time together and how Oden found Kiku and Izou, Kiku hesitates for a moment. However, this was more than enough time for Kanjuro to counterattack and run Kiku through with his sword. Kiku apologizes to Kinemon and probably thinks he is dying now and loses consciousness. Kinemon driven by grief and anger challenges Kanjuro. A final showdown ensues between the two, which Kinemon is able to win. However, Kanjuro is satisfied with this. He couldn’t have asked for anyone better to pull the final curtain for him than the one he considered his best friend. Shinobu then says to Kinemon that they need to get out of here, as surely their opponents will be coming here soon. However, no sooner said than Kaidou breaks through the ceiling. Kinemon gives Shinobu the order to get Momonosuke out of here, which she does immediately. Kinemon himself gets in Kaidou’s way, who lashes out at him with his club.

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