One Piece Episode 1034


Roof: Kaidou looks down as Luffy falls unconscious from Onigashima into the sea. He says that while Luffy learned to wrap his punches with king shaki, his execution was sloppy. He turns away, saying only that Luffy probably couldn’t be Joy Boy either.

Second floor, hallways: Nami, Usopp, and Tama are running away while Big Mom is talking to Zeus and telling him that she has no use for him anymore. Prometheus and Napoleon agree with Big Mom that Zeus has caused them nothing but trouble lately and they’re better off without him. Nami stops when she hears this. Big Mom gives Hera the order to eat Zeus to become even stronger with his soul. Hera starts without hesitation and bites into Zeus. The latter pleads for his life and declares that he would leave and never show himself to Big Mom again if she would let him live. But Big Mom says that he would then be a thief, after all, there is still a part of her soul in him, which gives her the right to decide what to do with it. Furthermore, she thinks that if Zeus were really sorry, he should just let Hera eat him.

Big Mom then doesn’t want to deal with Zeus any longer and turns around. She takes Tama away from Usopp and puts her behind her so she is out of danger. Tama comes to as she does so, and Big Mom explains that she should be careful, as Nami and Usopp would belong to evil pirates that she now has to kill. Immediately, the two run away, at which point Big Mom chases after them. Tama tries to stop Big Mom since the two are her friends, but she doesn’t listen to Tama, who clings to her. Zeus is able to free himself from Hera’s clutches and flies to Nami. He apologizes for taking Big Mom’s side again earlier and explains that he’s a coward and a weakling. Nami doesn’t want to hear from him, which Zeus understands, but since he’s going to die soon, he wants to make amends for his actions to at least one person and start his first and last rebellion. He becomes a thundercloud again and wants to attack Big Mom with everything he has, buying Nami some time to escape, even if it’s the last thing he’ll do. Zeus charges at Big Mom, but she easily intercepts him with one hand and squeezes his soul out of his cloud body. She then throws his soul and body to Hera so she can devour the rest. Nami, however, cannot allow this to happen. She extends her staff so that it reaches Zeus and wants to give him some Black Balls to make him stronger again, but since his soul has been separated from his body, Zeus cannot eat it. Hera, on the other hand, opens her mouth wide and swallows Zeus’ soul, his body and the tip of Nami’s staff.

Main Hall: Chopper and Queen continue to fight each other, with Perospero also getting involved and shooting his arrows at some Pleasures who have joined Chopper. At first Queen doesn’t want his help, but then agrees if he keeps the smallfolk off his back. Perospero doesn’t need to be told twice and shoots a dozen arrows into the crowd. Chopper is able to shield a few people with his body while others like Hyogoro quickly take cover, but quite a few still get hit. Queen, meanwhile, charges at Chopper again, whereupon he grabs him by the neck and slams him to the ground several times and finally into a building. Chopper hopes to have won, but Queen suddenly starts laughing, saying that he can’t think of a winner at the sight of Chopper. Perospero, meanwhile, reads a dozen more arrows behind Chopper.

Third Floor: Yamato runs through the hallways thinking that Momonosuke is with him, attracting the attention of several Poisoners.

Attic between the first and second hallways: Momonosuke is reading his father’s logbook. After reading the pages about Laugh Tale, however, he thinks that there’s no way he should die here. Shinobu thinks this is correct, but doesn’t understand how Momonosuke suddenly figures it out. Before the latter can explain himself, however, he hears a loud voice and screams in pain. Neither Momonosuke nor Shinobu notice that a Mary in the form of a frog has crept up to them.

Rooftop: Kaidou gives the order via Den-den Mushi to Bao Huang to announce that his fight with Luffy is over and the Straw Hat has lost.

Second Floor: Nami retracts her staff, but no sign of Zeus. Hera has seemingly devoured him completely, whereupon the latter also thinks she feels a sudden surge of power. Tama, Usopp, and Nami then run away. Tama running off with the Straw Hats disappoints and angers Big Mom, since she hates people who leave her and people she hates she wants to kill. She turns Napoleon back into a flaming sword and goes for the slash, but is stopped at the last minute by a metal hand made of scrap that knocks her back. This was Kid’s doing, of course, who tells Nami, Usopp, and Tama to get out of the way since Big Mom is his opponent.

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