One Piece Episode 1032


2nd and 3rd Floor Hallways: Kinemon & Co. run through the hallways looking for Kanjuro. Izou asks Kiku if the site of his severed arm would still hurt, to which Kiku says that’s a ridiculous question for a samurai. This would only be an itch compared to losing Oden. To tease Izou a bit, Kiku says that it was a similar feeling to when Izou left the country, to which Izou apologizes again. Kawamatsu asks Izou what he thinks will happen to Wano when the country opens. Izou then says that they’d better discuss this tomorrow, after the battle is won. Kinemon then says that they better split up since there are battles on every floor and their help is needed. Kinemon himself would take care of Momonosuke’s protection and Kanjuro. However, Kiku accompanies Kinemon to fix her mistake regarding Kanjuro.

Nekomamushi is stopped shortly after by Shishilian, who asks him for help. He explains to Nekomamushi that Pedro died on Big Mom’s turf to help the Straw Hats escape. However, he says that the person who forced Pedro to do this is also on the island right now, and Carrot and Wanda are having trouble dealing with him. Nekomamushi then sets out to find Perospero.

Attic between the 1st and 2nd floors: Yamato warns Momonosuke and Shinobu again about the Marys looking for them everywhere and giving away the location. To this end, Yamato has created a small, poorly made doll of Momonosuke and wants to draw attention to himself so everyone will think Momonosuke is still with him. Then, when they come, Yamato would beat them up. Momonosuke and Shinobu realize that Yamato is just desperate for a reason to join the fights outside. Yamato asks Momonosuke if he could still hear Luffy’s voice, which he confirms, however he explains that only Luffy’s and Kaidou’s voices can still be heard. Yamato then goes on his way. Momonosuke, meanwhile, uses the time to read his father’s log.

Roof: On the roof, Kaidou and Luffy continue to fight each other doggedly. However, since Luffy has figured out how to incorporate King Shaki into his attacks, his attacks bring much more, which in turn pleases Kaidou as he can finally enjoy the fight since it’s been a while since he had a challenge.

2nd Floor: Sanji is carrying Zoro, who has been bound into a large cross and is currently unconscious. Sanji is surrounded by some henchmen and tries to take them out while carrying Zoro.

Main Hall: Chopper tries to fight Queen, but can’t fight him in his Brachio form. The situation worsens when Chopper is hit from behind by several arrows shot by Perospero to help Queen.

In another hallway, Nami, Usopp and Tama are still standing between Ulti and Big Mom. Nami tries to get Big Mom on her side, but despite her good relationship with Tama, Big Mom declares that she would take care of Usopp and Nami after Ulti. Nami then tries to get Ulti on her side and offers to take on Big Mom together, but Ulti declares that she would take care of them after Big Mom. Since they have no other choice, the three try to run away on Komachiyo again. Ulti, however, has had enough of running after them and bounces from wall to wall like a rubber ball, headbutting Komachiyo hard in the ribs first, sending the lion dog to the ground. Ulti still isn’t done though and kicks him several times. Tama asks her to stop, but Ulti gives her a punch in her hybrid form, causing Tama to go down injured. Big Mom can’t let this go unpunished and approaches Ulti. Usopp suggests to Nami that they should take Tama and run away. However, Nami ambushes Ulti with a lightning bolt. Boiling with rage, Nami declares that she will not forgive anyone who hurts children and she will defeat Ulti.

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