One Piece Episode 1031


Onigashima, rooftop: Big Mom’s attack, which threw the Kid back into the building, also freed Zeus, who immediately goes looking for Big Mom. Law is about to take care of Zoro when he notices Zeus and guesses that the last attack must have caused the Kid to briefly lose consciousness, which is why his iron cage fell apart. Law doesn’t like the idea of Zeus and Big Mom joining forces again at all. Law uses his Room to teleport himself, Zoro, and Zeus off the roof, turning the fight against Kaidou into a duel with Luffy. Both opponents then use their King Shaki again and attack each other.

Attic: Meanwhile, Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu have been hiding in an attic when Shinobu receives a call from Kinemon. The latter warns them about Kanjuro, who is looking for them. Yamato, meanwhile, has been looking for and found something that will help them with their next move.

Hallways: Nami and Usopp are still desperately trying to get Page One off Komachiyo’s tail and keep hitting its head. Tama wants to ride Komachiyo to the stage to give the order over a mic to all the Gifters who ate her dumplings to side with the samurai. Tama doesn’t care what happens to her after that, but Usopp and Nami can’t get past that statement and talk Tama into not giving up. Usopp then uses his arsenal of exploding plants to get rid of Page One and manages to drive him away from the Lion Dog as well. But it still wasn’t enough to take him out, as he gets back up shortly after. Usopp wishes Tama’s dumplings would work on him too, but they only work on Smile users. Tama, Usopp, and Nami then make their way back to the stage with Komachiyo, but next run right into Big Mom, who is currently searching for Kid.

Nami and Usopp think they’re as good as dead, while Tama greets and waves at Big Mom. While Big Mom is still angry when she sees Nami and Usopp, that anger abruptly dissipates the moment she spies Tama. Joyfully and gently, Big Mom greets Tama and thanks her again for helping her when she lost her memory. Prometheus is annoyed by this situation, but knows it, as Big Mom has a soft spot for children under the age of ten. Tama is glad Big Mom is okay, as she was worried after they broke up in Udon, to which the Pirate Empress apologizes. She asks how Tsuru is doing, to which Tama’s tears come. She explains that the village of Okobore was burned to the ground by Kaidou’s men because they were suspected of stealing food, which was actually stolen by the samurai to prepare for the raid and no survivors have been found yet. Big Mom is stunned at what happened to the kind people who helped her when she was in need. Page One has caught up again and is about to attack Komachiyo and by extension Tama, Usopp and Nami. However, blinded by rage, Big Mom attacks him beforehand, declaring that even in the world of pirates, there is humanity and justice and Kaidou and his men should not forget that. She charged her punch with King Shaki, whereupon Page One was literally run into the ground and is out of action. Furious now, Ulti, who had just joined the match, looks at Big Mom.

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