One Piece Episode 1029

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Thousand Sunny: A quiet day for the Straw Hat Pirates, who are currently out at sea. Everyone is pursuing their hobby or relaxing with a nap. A Tondial is playing the latest most popular song by the diva Uta. Everyone who hears the song finds it remarkably good. Luffy, however, is asleep and hears nothing of it.

Meanwhile, on another island, Uta looks out to sea on the shore and thinks that soon her concert will begin. She remembers various things from her past together with the redhead pirate gang.

Flashback, Dawn, Foosha Village: Luffy, a kid at the time, is playing in the street and runs into Woop Slapp, who in turn knocks over a fruit stand. The mayor scolds the boy to help the other villagers instead of fooling around, but Luffy refuses. Meanwhile, the owner of the fruit stand has Luffy put the fallen fruit in a net and gives it to the boy.

Luffy then goes into the forest, where he meets a monkey who wants his fruit. Luffy offers to give him all of them if he defeats him in a training fight. Luffy emerges victorious from the fight, but still offers the monkey half of his fruit. However, they are interrupted a little later while eating by a wild boar, which chases Luffy through the forest. Luffy has no choice but to jump into a river, but he almost sinks there had Garp not spotted and rescued him. Garp thinks Luffy should practice more on his swimming if he wants to become a marine. But Luffy doesn’t want this, which is why Garp slaps him first.

Red Force: The redhead pirate gang has just come from a successful raid and Shanks distributes the loot. He gives his daughter Uta jewelry in the form of necklaces and crowns, which she immediately wears and wants to play concert. But the other pirates don’t play along very well, so she loses interest. She notices her father finding something else among the booty. A small chest containing a devil fruit. However, Shanks quickly closes the lid again. Uta asks if she could have it, but Shanks denies it. They reach the coast of the Goa Kingdom and Shanks explains that they will be docking there for a while, or in the distant Foosha Village.

Luffy notices the ship and runs to the harbor. Once there, he finds Uta and asks, somewhat hesitantly, if they are really pirates. Uta confirms this and says that if he has a problem with it, he should come to her, the captain’s daughter. Luffy wants nothing to happen to his island, which is why he thinks they should leave. Shanks comes along and introduces himself to Luffy. He promises that they won’t hurt anyone.

A few days later, Luffy is sitting in Makino’s bar with Shanks and the redhead pirates. He declares that he wants to be a pirate too, to which Shanks asks his men who put the flea in his ear, to which most of them immediately go quietly. Luffy wants to take Shanks’ test again to get aboard the ship, to which Shanks plays a shell game with Luffy. Luffy loses, however, as Shanks secretly puts the coin he’s looking for in his mouth. Uta comes in and says that an unfashionable guy like Luffy should stay away from Shanks. She introduces herself again, only she explains that she’s also the diva or musician of the redhead pirate gang. She wants to give Luffy a taste of her talent and sings a nice song in the bar. After she finishes, the unmusical Luffy tries to sing as well, but Uta runs out of the bar and covers her ears, saying that Luffy’s singing is just awful. Shanks thinks that the two had better become friends and asks Luffy to show Uta around.

Luffy goes with her near the forest and they both have a climbing contest near a cliff. Shortly after, they had more competitions to show who was better. After some time, Uta explains how she sometimes imagines being on the best stage, whereupon Luffy gets an idea.

Luffy takes Uta to an old abandoned windmill around dusk. On the way, Uta tells Luffy about her relationship with the redhead pirates and how much the crew means to her. Inside the windmill, Luffy opens the top window. From there, Uta can see the entire village and the sea in the evening sun, which is a particularly beautiful stage for her.

Present: Uta looks out to sea and thinks that soon she will realize her dream.

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