One Piece Episode 1026


Burning Hallways: Orochi rejoices at the sight of the fire, hoping that soon everything will be just a pile of ashes. He asks Fukurokuju if he knows where the explosives and black powder are stored so they can add to the fire. The ninja states that he knows where the storage is and wants to lead his master there, but they are suddenly met by Kinemon and his fellow soldiers. These, however, have no interest in Orochi and simply want to run past him. Orochi can’t let this disrespect go unscathed, so he changes into his animal form of a hydra to attack them. Effortlessly, however, the samurai decapitate each of Orochi’s heads and run on afterward. Only Raizo stays behind to take care of Fukurokuju. He has to confess that his opinion of Fukurokuju has risen, as he continues to stay by his master’s side even though he has been defeated.

Rooftop: Luffy continues to fight Kaidou doggedly until he is slammed into a pile of rubble. Kaidou tells the rest of his opponents to get serious, but Luffy jumps out of the rubble and shouts that he shouldn’t underestimate them. Again, they both charge at each other while the others take on Big Mom. Luffy does try to rush to their aid, but Kaidou quickly gets in between them. Big Mom manages to take everyone down with one attack. Kaidou then says that he’s tired of words like determination and grit, since in this world, only the strongest wins and the weak leave nothing behind. Zoro gets back up and says that if Kaidou wants to try and send Luffy to hell, he would come with him. Kaidou retorts that this would be neither noble nor brave, and Zoro would die for nothing. Kaidou goes for a punch, but Luffy gets back up and blocks the attack. Shortly after, Luffy then counters with a punch of his own, knocking Kaidou back to Big Mom. Luffy again declares that he still plans to kick Kaidou’s butt and thus outdo him, which angers both emperors.

Law, Kid and Killer don’t want the Straw Hats to overtake them and get back up as well. Once again, Kaidou and Luffy fall over each other. Kaidou manages to fling Luffy away again, but he is caught by Law and Kid, who throw him back at Kaidou, with Luffy giving him a giant gun charged with haki. Kaidou doesn’t let up, however, and then attacks with Ragnarok himself. Kid, meanwhile, has created a metal box in which he has framed something. Law then uses his powers to swap the contents with Zeus, trapping him in the metal box. Zoro and Killer in turn attack the surprised Big Mom. Zoro cuts up Prometheus and Killer knocks Napoleon out of Big Mom’s hand, attacking him again and again. Kid then attacks Big Mom with a cannon, who then punches him, but this was planned by Kid, as he only wanted to get close to her so he could give her a metal bracelet. With this he is now able to push her off of him into the sky, where Law throws a boulder at her with tact. Big Mom tries to regain her footing and stop the boulder, but at that moment Zoro cuts the ground beneath her, whereupon the Empress of Onigashima appears to fall.

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