One Piece Episode 1025


Attic: Kinemon and Co. are stopped by a fake Oden that Kanjuro has painted. To make sure that no one escapes from him, the fake Oden lights a bundle of dynamite, which he hid under his kimono. He intends to take everyone with him to their deaths this way. Ashura sees no other way and runs towards the false Oden. He grabs and jumps out the window with him and moments later the dynamite explodes. The explosion drops Kinemon & co. down a floor. When they regain consciousness, they see Ashura’s motionless body lying outside in the courtyard through a large hole in the wall. Distraught, Kinemon keeps hitting the ground and angrily calls Kanjuro’s name.

Meanwhile, in another room, barrels of oil are knocked over, followed shortly by lit candles so that the room starts to burn while one person laughs about it.

Meanwhile, in the hallways, Kinemon & Co. run through the corridors looking for Momonosuke and Kanjuro. In the process, they run right into Jack, who was just on his way to meet them. He mentions that he defeated all the Minks that were in that hallway along the way. Inuarashi calls out to his comrades to keep moving and that he would take care of Jack on his own. The samurai don’t discuss it for long, as time is short, and run on, hoping Inuarashi will catch up with them. Jack asks if Inuarashi wouldn’t underestimate him, but he counters that they’re both badly wounded and so it’s a fair fight. Jack mockingly asks how he’s going to win without a full moon, to which Inuarashi replies that there’s no poison gas here for Jack either, which helps him this time.

Great Hall: Queen gets back up after Chopper’s punch and declares that he will get revenge for Chopper destroying his ice demon virus. But it’s not just Chopper, Marco also fights Queen and gives him a kick. Queen, however, was able to take it well and gets back up.

Meanwhile, in the burning room, some of Kaidou’s men try to put out the flames, but they are surprisingly attacked by none other than Orochi. It was he who started the fire. At his side is Fukurokuju, to whom he explains that he cannot accept Kaidou’s betrayal so easily. Therefore, he plans to set all of Onigashima on fire so that everyone perishes in it.

Rooftop: Kid asks Law if he could send one of them down a floor with his powers. But Law counters that the haki of all two is too strong for him to move them with his devil powers. Kid says that they’ll probably have to use force then. Meanwhile, Big Mom and Kaidou prepare a huge combination attack. The attack is too big to dodge and threatens to take out the five pirates. However, Zoro jumps in front of the others and blocks the attack with his swords, giving the rest time to dodge. After the smoke clears, even the Kid has to give his thanks, as they probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Zoro. The latter lies injured on the ground, but is still conscious. Luffy wants revenge and tries to attack Kaidou with a punch charged with haki, but he dodges an attack from Luffy for the first time. Luffy has to smile in response, and points out to him that he certainly dodged it because he knew it might hurt. Furious, Kaidou then counters with a blow from his club, but Luffy gets back up smiling.

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