One Piece Episode 1023


Chopper drank his own antidote and it was a success. The ice demon virus regresses until it is completely gone from Chopper. After a brief celebration, Chopper instructs Tristan and Miyagi to begin reproducing immediately, as they have dozens of patients.

Great Hall: Marco meanwhile is having trouble dealing with Queen and King at the same time, which is why he is running out of breath. Queen then starts firing at him with his machine gun. Marco is able to dodge and tries a counter attack, but Queen is able to fend it off. Further, Marco was without defense at that moment, whereupon King attacked him from behind and threw him into another room. Queen then wants to get back to the others and spread his ice demon virus again.

Yatappe, meanwhile, is hesitant to go through with Hyogoro’s execution before he completely becomes an ice demon. Omasa also reaches his limits and asks Tsunagoro to finish him off first as well.

Meanwhile, some henchmen ask Queen why he only released such a virus when so many of his own troops would also fall victim. Queen, however, counters that they are all pissing him off. He attacks his own men in his Brachiosaurus form, explaining that he created the ice demon virus just for them. The Pleasures didn’t get any powers from the Smile fruits and thus were useless, and the Waiters can’t get any more powers since there are no more Smile fruits. For this reason, Queen created the Ice Demon Virus so that these, useless to him, troops would do something useful at least once before they die. The Waiters and Pleasures can’t believe their ears when they hear that they are now only considered cannon fodder. Queen also immediately tries to rile up the samurai a bit, explaining that trusting Chopper is bullshit because he’s a pirate too, after all. He surely just created some antidote for himself and left long ago.

Yatappe is finally about to pull himself together and cut off Hyogoro’s head, when Chopper jumps in and deflects the sword. He administers the antidote to Hyogoro, whereupon he transforms back. Everyone is overjoyed, but ask Chopper to heal the rest of the ice demons as well. To do this, Tristan and Miyagi bring out a large cannon that has special ammunition. Chopper has the cannon fired at the ice demons, causing a pink mist to form around them. Tristan shouts to the ice demons to breathe it in if they want to be healed. Chopper explains that at this point it would have been impossible to cure each one in turn, so he crossed the antidote with a virus of his own, which spreads through the air, curing them all. All of the ice demons are then healed, which infuriates Queen. He goes to attack Chopper with his cannon tongue, but the fire is intercepted by the Pleasures. Chopper asks why they were protecting him. The Pleasures and Waiters explain that they decided that if they were going to die, they wanted to decide how, and they decided they’d rather fight on the side of those who saved their lives. Chopper takes a Rumble Ball and transitions into his monster form and now attacks Queen.

Attic Camp: Kinemon & Co. come to and wonder who tended to their wounds. None of them can remember the person’s face. Kinemon then says that they can no longer sit idle while everyone else fights, but before they leave the room, the door opens and to everyone’s shock, Oden is standing at the entrance, greeting them all warmly.

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