One Piece Episode 1021


Third Floor: Robin has knocked Black Maria to the ground with a slap to the face, who wonders how Robin made it here. Robin in turn explains that she was once part of an evil organization and when she sees someone hurting her friends, she can’t help but show her devilish side. The cobwebs Sanji is hanging from are suddenly iced over and shortly after cut by none other than Brook. Black Maria’s henchwomen then explain to her that this has happened to all the cobwebs on this floor, and that the henchmen with the tranquilizers have already been defeated as well, which is why Robin made it here. Sanji thanks him for the help, but has to apologize because he wouldn’t be any help in this fight, just a hindrance, so he’d rather rush to Kinemon & Co’s aid. Robin, meanwhile, gets ready to fight to take on Black Maria, who asks her why she wants to fight for a bastard who betrayed her. But Robin counters that friends are a wonderful thing, which is why she thanks Sanji for having so much faith in her and asking for her help.

Hall: Meanwhile, Bao Huang has located the position of Yamato and Momonosuke.

Abandoned Warehouse: Yamato notices they are being watched and takes out a mouse with a note on its face. She explains to Momonosuke and Shinobu that these are Mary animals, which in turn are cyborgs that share their vision with human Marys. Just as Yamato is about to explain that this place is thus no longer safe, some pirates are already outside the warehouse trying to break it open. Yamato hides Momonosuke in her clothes and then breaks through the enemy forces with Shinobu.

Entrance of Onigashima: Wanda has been defeated and lies unconscious on the ground. Carrot wants to take revenge on Perospero, but he taunts her that he would just not stop and fight back in a fight to the death. Further, Carrot would soon die as senseless a death as Pedro. Perospero tries to attack again with Candy Maiden, but Carrot is able to break through it with her Electro. The first born of the Charlotte family then tries to protect himself with armor made of rock candy, but Carrot manages to break that too, wounding him and knocking him away, even though it seems to have taken a lot of energy. Perospero can’t believe how he’s become the plaything of a rabbit mink, and Carrot goes for the final blow. However, just before she reaches him, she suddenly transforms back. Clouds have obscured the full moon, which is why Carrot can no longer transform.

Third Floor: Sanji hears the announcement that Momonosuke and Shinobu have left the warehouse. The ship’s cook finds himself in a dilemma. He originally wanted to help Kinemon & Co. who are near the roof, but Momonosuke and Shinobu are near the entrance on the ground and also need help.

Entrance of Onigashima: Perospero meanwhile was able to turn the tide and has also defeated Carrot. The latter won’t give up until she has avenged Pedro, but Perospero only thinks that Pedro deserves his end and knocks Carrot out. Since there is nothing left for him to do here, he now heads to the Great Hall to help the Beasts Pirates Pirates, albeit reluctantly.

Rooftop: Kaidou presents himself in his hybrid form and Luffy needs a minute’s rest before he can fight again. Killer wants to see how strong Kaidou is in this form and attack him again, but his attack seems to have no effect this time and he is knocked away.

Hallways: Jack has changed into his animal form and is heading to the treasure tower where Kinemon & Co. are supposed to be. He asks Bao Huang about their status. The latter explains that they are still there, however their wounds have been tended to this far by someone unknown who is no longer with them. Knowing how strong Jack is, he explains that he would take care of the injured samurai on his own.

Third floor: Black Maria has heard the radio call and is grateful, as she has time to take care of Robin. She pulls out a large flaming staff weapon and tells Robin that it would soon belong to Kaidou. Robin replies that she would rather die.

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