One Piece Episode 1020


Third Floor: Sanji has been tied up with cobwebs and is kicked back and forth like a football by the female Smile users. Then, as they all collectively step on him, Sanji loses consciousness. When he regains consciousness, he is hanging in a web with his body stretched out right in front of Black Maria. The latter taunts him that he has no chance of victory since he has defeated all of her male subordinates, but cannot touch the female members. She says that his life is now in her hands, so he should call for Nico Robin now if he cares about his life. Another gifter joins, Caimanlady, who is also one of the Marys and thus can spread Sanji’s voice throughout the castle. She promises to release Sanji afterwards as well. Sanji asks what she wants from Robin, to which Black Maria explains that she has been tasked with capturing Nico Robin for Kaidou. They will let her live, but probably break her limbs to prevent escape.

Great Hall: Meanwhile, the Mary Bao Huang is trying to find Kinemon & Co. who have disappeared from the roof. To that end, she dispatches several animals, all wearing the same note as her on their faces, in an attempt to find the samurai. Meanwhile, Marco and King engage in an aerial battle, which King dominates.

Outside Onigashima: Perospero has to face Carrot and Wanda in their Su Long forms. However, he had already laid a trap and the two are suddenly encased or coated in rock candy that was on the ground. Perospero thus tries to suffocate them both and thinks that Pedro died for nothing in the end. However, Carrot uses the voltage of her Electro-Technique to permanently electrocute her coat, causing heat to melt the rock candy. She is able to break free and shatters Wanda’s rock candy coating shortly after. Carrot explains that she will not allow Pedro to be spoken of disparagingly, as they owe him this opportunity. Perospero admits that he may have underestimated the Su Long form, however it still has one major drawback, and that is that it only works on a full moon. Carrot and Wanda realize that clouds are approaching the moon, which would cause them to change back. Big Mom’s oldest son takes advantage of the moment of inattention and creates his Candy Maiden, which he drops on the two of them. Carrot is able to escape in time, but Wanda is caught by a candy sugar net before he can.

Great Hall: Meanwhile, Bao Huang has found Kinemon & Co. in the back treasure tower. She explains that they are still alive, however someone would be with them to tend to their wounds, so they need to get there quickly. Since King is currently busy with Marco, he asks if someone else can take care of it, to which Black Maria agrees to do it via the Mary.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Hyogoro is struggling to transform into an ice demon. Chopper, meanwhile, has deciphered the formula for the antidote, but must now use it to create several more antidotes. Hyogoro wants to go down fighting and faces the pirates who point their swords at him. But suddenly something unexpected happens. Transforming into an ice demon beforehand, Hyogoro gets his old body back from his glory days. With this, he is more than capable of defeating the enemies single-handedly.

Third Floor: Black Maria is about to leave, but asks Sanji if he could call Nico Robin over first. She’s already made preparations, attaching several layers of cobwebs to the entrances and floors that won’t let you go once you touch them. Furthermore, several subordinates of hers are also spread out, using weapons with tranquilizers. All that’s missing is Sanji to call out to her. Black Maria brings out brass knuckles, puts them on, and then keeps hitting Sanji. Sanji goes over several events with Robin in his memories. Black Maria’s female subordinates begin to feel sorry for Sanji, suggesting that he would probably rather die than betray a friend. Sanji, on the other hand, explains that he really wants to say a few words. While everyone assumes he probably wants to say some insults to Black Maria, to everyone’s surprise, he really does call for Robin to help him.

Across the island, Sanji’s cry for help is broadcast, saying that he is being held captive on the third floor and that Nico Robin should come or he will be killed. Some pirates who aren’t part of the Straw Hat gang can’t believe how pathetic Sanji sounds right now. All the Straw Hats, on the other hand, can figure that this must be a trap for Robin. Nami, on the other hand, can already figure that a woman must be Sanji’s opponent if Sanji is calling for help like this. Usopp, on the other hand, realizes that Sanji’s call for help was transmitted by a cat with a note on its face.

Third Floor: Black Maria can hardly believe that Sanji has done this, who now asks to be released, which Black Maria refuses, as she wants to keep him as a pet. However, since he still needs some training, she wants to give him a few more punches, but at that moment a massive arm appears and slaps Black Maria, causing her to go down. Robin has just appeared in the room to save Sanji.

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