One Piece Episode 1018


Onigashima, rooftop: Luffy pounds incessantly on Kaidou, who is in his dragon form, while everyone else looks on in shock. Eventually the dragon goes down and Luffy goes to give him the finishing blow, but Gear 4 has reached its limit and Luffy falls to the ground exhausted. Kid asks when Luffy was hit that he went down, to which Law explains the disadvantage of Gear 4.

Kid thinks that they still shouldn’t let the chance go by and better attack Kaidou now. But Big Mom doesn’t want to lose her chance either and attacks the group while Luffy is unconscious. Zoro picks up his captain on his shoulder and runs away with him before Big Mom’s attack hits them. Meanwhile, Kid and Killer try to attack Kaidou, but he has regained consciousness and unleashes some whirlwinds to fight off his attackers. Luffy and Zoro are also caught by one of the whirlwinds and swept off the ground. Kaidou takes the opportunity and eats Luffy in response with just one bite. Zoro then uses Enma again to attack Kaidou and manages to cut through the latter’s scales on his neck, giving Kaidou a scar. The sudden pain causes Kaidou to cry out and spits Luffy out.

A few floors below, three CP0 agents are talking about the current situation. The leader of the three says that it’s really hard to believe that today, of all days, their host and trading partner (Orochi) dies and Onigashima is attacked. To which he adds that a war between the worst generation and Kaidou since Doflamingo’s defeat was again inevitable. However, he adds that no one can predict how the battle will turn out. A Mary then explains the current state of the battle. Of the 5,400 invaders, 400 have already fallen. On the side of the 100-beast pirate band, there were 30,000 at the beginning, but 3,000 of them have already fallen. One of the agents thinks that this is an impressive result on the part of the samurai so far, probably thanks to the surprise attack. But until they defeat Kaidou’s top officers, the samurai troops will all fall very quickly. The leader of the agents then says that he hopes both sides have defeated as many enemies as possible beforehand.

Roof: Kaidou and Big Mom are laughing, as it’s been a while since they’ve had this much fun. Kaidou transitioned into his hybrid form for the first time in front of his opponents in the process, continuing the fight.

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