One Piece Episode 1017


The battle against the emperors has officially begun. Law, Luffy, and Kid attack Kaidou with some of their strongest techniques. Luffy tries a Kong Gun in Gear 4, but Kaidou says that this almost tickles him. Kid then tries to crush Kaidou with his machine. It doesn’t work and Kaidou thinks it lacks mass. Law wants to supplement this and throws several stalactites at Kaidou. The three pirate captains then argue over whose attack did more damage, while Kaidou laughingly says it’s been a while since he’s felt pain, remembering his days in the Rocks Pirates. Big Mom is now getting ready to fight as well, and Kaidou shifts into his dragon form. Kid, Law, and Killer attack Kaidou one by one, and even seem to be doing damage until Big Mom interferes and hits Killer with a lightning bolt. Before Kaidou can then devour him with his mouth, Luffy kicks Kaidou aside. Kaidou then seeks revenge and uses his fire breath to finish Luffy off. Zoro then asks Law for help and has Law teleport him to Luffy. Zoro cuts the fire breath and then uses Enma for a single sword technique. Kaidou suddenly senses Oden’s presence emanating from Zoro and Big Mom also advises Kaidou to rather dodge as she senses something strange from the sword. At the last moment, Kaidou dodges, whereupon only the horn of Onigashima’s massive devil skull is cut. Zoro is annoyed that he missed, but what’s worse is that shortly after, Big Mom uses his sword as a lightning rod to shoot another bolt, this time at him. But as if that wasn’t enough, Big Mom shoots lightning through Zeus into every nook and cranny to hit everyone. Only Luffy isn’t bothered by this, as his rubber body makes him immune to electricity. As he then goes to counterattack her, Kaidou intervenes again and once more uses his fire breath to attack Luffy this time. However, he resists the attack. When Kaidou asks why fire doesn’t work either, Luffy explains that it’s because of his determination. With a Gatling attack, Luffy then attacks the giant dragon.

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