One Piece Episode 1014


Main Hall: The samurai protect the way to Chopper, who is working with Miyagi and Tristan on an antidote for the ice demon virus. Marco, meanwhile, uses his flames to bring more ice demons back to their senses. Queen orders that Marco be stopped, but more and more of Queen’s men grow remorseful and hesitate. Queen declares that he will kill them all if they don’t obey him or Kaidou, whereupon the henchmen attack Marco. The latter understands their situation and doesn’t hold it against them. Brook and Robin want to rush to Marco’s aid, but he thinks they’d better go to the castle to help. Although he is hit by several swords, Marco doesn’t mind as his phoenix flames are keeping him alive and already healing him. He asks Zoro if he is ready, which he confirms. Marco then shifts into his phoenix form. He shakes off his attackers, flies over to Zoro, grabs him, and flies up to the roof with him. He wonders what Ace would have done if he knew his little brother was attacking an Emperor of the Seas.

Flashback, Moby Dick: Ace asks Whitebeard to allow him to attack Kaidou. Whitebeard denies and asks Ace if he has forgotten who held the position of second division commander before him. Ace explains that he heard it was a samurai named Oden from Wano Country who was killed by Kaidou. But to Ace, this is just more reason why Whitebeard should attack, looking at Izou. The latter explains that because of the country’s isolation status, little information comes out and they only learned of Oden’s fate several years after his death. Marco explains that they had considered launching a large-scale attack, but it would lead to war and affect the civilian population. Ace then asks to go off on his own as he had made a promise, remembering how he promised Tama to return and turn the land into one where she could eat as much as she wants. He also promised Yamato to return so they could both sail the sea. Ace explains that he needs to defeat Kaidou to fulfill his promise, but Whitebeard gives him a few bumps and explains that Ace shouldn’t overestimate himself since he is weaker than Oden, who lost to Kaidou. Izou and Marco offer to help if Ace gets strong enough and gets the okay from Whitebeard. Ace thinks that the three of them could certainly do it today, which the two of them think is too optimistic.

Present: Marco tears up at the memory.

Yard: Tama learns that Luffy was Ace’s little brother, which shocks her. She blames herself as she said to Luffy that he couldn’t understand how much Ace’s death hit her and he didn’t even know Ace, though it was probably the worst for him. Nami and Usopp reassure her that Luffy certainly doesn’t hold anything against her, as he would have reprimanded her by now if he did. Nami asks Tama if she’d be willing to put the plan they came up with into action. Tama admits to still being a little scared when faced with pirates, to which Nami and Usopp assure her that they will look out for her.

Warehouse: Momonosuke learns that Ace is Roger’s son and big brother to Luffy. Yamato thinks that this must be fate, since there are so many pirates and Momonosuke has met Luffy, who is supposed to come to their rescue. Especially since Luffy also has a “D” in his name. She pulls out Oden’s logbook as she does so.

Main Hall: King and Queen try to stop Marco from reaching the hole to the roof. However, the phoenix grabs their necks with its wings and flames and throws Zoro the last few feet through the hole.

Rooftop: Big Mom has charged Zeus and Prometheus and is riding Zeus to Kaidou. She sees the defeated samurai on the ground and has to laugh about it. However, she warns Kaidou not to get lost in the bloodlust, as they need to take Nico Robin alive. Kaidou counters that Big Mom does have a daughter from the Three-Eyed Tribe after all, and asks if she hasn’t awakened her abilities yet. Big Mom denies this and explains that she’s tired of waiting too.

Floor before the roof: The Minks guard the entrance to the roof and beat back Kaidou’s troops, who wanted to support Kaidou or kill the samurai. However, Luffy gets through the enemy troops and defeats them. He reaches the stairs and runs up them to the roof while thanking the Minks.

Roof: Big Mom asks if there won’t be quite a few deaths if Onigashima falls on the capital, where a festival is currently taking place. Kaidou doesn’t care, though, and says he’ll get new slaves quickly from somewhere else. However, Big Mom also asks if the Road Poneglyph isn’t hidden in the city. Furious, Kaidou asks if Big Mom is already showing her true colors. However, Big Mom says Kaidou should calm down and not forget that he is like a little brother to her, after all, she saved him after the battle on God Valley and gave him the mystical Zoan Fruit, the Fish Fruit, Model: Blue Dragon. Kaidou agrees with her and says they’ll postpone the argument until they get the One Piece.


  • The broadcast of this episode was postponed due to a hack at Toei Animation. The animation studio announced on March 10, 2022 that third parties had already gained unauthorized access to the systems on March 06, 2022. In order to investigate the incident and restore the production schedule that was disrupted by the hack, the network had been shut down for the time being and the broadcast of anime series produced by Toei had been postponed. On March 15, 2022, it was revealed that One Piece was also affected, and the broadcast of episode 1014, originally scheduled for March 20, was postponed. Instead, selected episodes from the Wano Country arc were repeated in Japan.
  • According to a report from NHK, the hack involved a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a malicious program that prevents the computer owner’s access and encrypts data to demand a ransom for decryption. Although the broadcast has since continued, the investigation into the case is still ongoing, he said. In addition, some data is said to have been lost and it is not clear whether it can be completely recovered.
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