One Piece Episode 1013


Floor 3: Sanji has managed to get to his feet and escape from Black Maria and her people, as only his arms are properly bound. The Snake Smile women pursue and ask him to stay, which Sanji politely refuses, when suddenly a spider thread comes flying out and ties up his legs. After Sanji falls to the ground, he turns around to see Black Maria shooting the spider thread from the ceiling. She herself has been eating from an ancient spider fruit. Despite his unsightly situation and his sense of duty to help his friends, Sanji can’t help but ask if this place full of women is his personal heaven. The female opponents wonder if Sanji has fallen too hard on his head, while Black Maria thinks she’ll pay him back for the compliment, whereupon she prepares an attack.

At the other end of the floor, Jinbe faces the giant saber-toothed tiger, who reveals himself as Who’s Who. He asks the former Samurai of the Seas to stop bullying his subordinates, as this is beneath him. Jinbe, however, only asks to be named helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, as that title is much more honorable to him. Who’s Who apologizes, understanding him and saying that positions can change very quickly and that the two had met before when Jinbe was still Samurai of the Seas. Back then, they were both still on the same side. Jinbe asks who’s Who actually is, which the latter refuses to reveal. Jinbe then decides to find out for himself by ripping off his mask.

Storage Room: Yamato has bandaged Momonosuke’s and Shinobu’s wounds, memories of a similar situation coming up in Yamato. Momonosuke asks if Yamato would have won the fight against the one he bandaged, to which Yamato denies, countering that it didn’t matter. Yamato learned the value of life through Ace at that time.

Flashback, three years earlier: In order to free some women and children that Kaidou had kidnapped from Wano Country, Ace and his band of Spade pirates headed to Onigashima. As Skull noted, getting in was no problem, as the island was barely guarded and the soldiers were no match for them. However, when they reached the courtyard, Ace was attacked by Yamato. Ace gave orders to search and free the prisoners while he took care of Yamato. His team did as ordered and freed all the women and children while Ace continued to fight. When the team got back to the courtyard, Ace asked where Kaidou was, as he wanted to get his head. However, Yamato explained that Kaidou was on an expedition with his men, so no officer was here. Further, Yamato explained that he has nothing against freeing the prisoners, as he has always found kidnapping children repulsive. Therefore, Ace and his gang should just get off the island. Ace notices Yamato’s handcuffs and accepts the offer.

At the ship, however, Ace tells his gang that he’ll join them later, as he has something to do first. Ace returns to Yamato to finish their fight, with Ace saying that he can’t believe someone that strong wouldn’t hold a higher rank in the gang. Yamato was just bored and agreed. They continued their fight which led them to the entrance where the statue of Kaidou was. Ace asks why someone so strong isn’t at sea. Yamato explains that it is his father’s fault. Ace feels this is a lame excuse and explains to Yamato that you can’t choose your parents. At this, Ace recalls his own childhood. Yamato replies that he knows this, but it wouldn’t change the fact that the handcuffs Kaidou put on him explode as soon as he takes a step off the island, and that’s only because Yamato was born Kaidou’s child. Yamato remembers Kaidou handcuffing him and saying that Yamato had the wrong reasons for leaving the island and Yamato should become stronger for the good of Kaidou. Ace in turn asks Yamato if he has now become stronger for the good of Kaidou or for himself and what Yamato really wants for himself. Yamato should not have his heart chained by Kaidou as well. After a moment’s consideration, Yamato attacks the statue of Kaidou, causing it to fall down. Yamato explains that he wishes to be free like Oden and have adventures as well. Ace likes the answer and he attacks the statue of Kaidou as well. The two spend the rest of the evening drinking on a hill while Ace tells Yamato stories about his adventures. In particular, he tells him about his little brother, who will soon set sail himself and probably be the most famous of all the pirates.

Present: Yamato explains that Ace attacked the statue as a warning to Kaidou that he will return to get his head. Momonosuke and Shinobu are shocked to hear that Yamato is Kaidou’s child, but they have come to trust Yamato. Momonosuke asks what happened to the pirate who tried to save the country or why he didn’t return. Yamato then explains that Ace died two years ago.

Outside the Fortress: Nami learns from Tama that she wanted to become a kunoichi so she could join Ace’s pirate gang. However, Luffy would have rather insensitively explained that Ace passed away, which made her sad. Nami apologizes for Luffy, but explains that it was probably harder for him at the time, since Ace passed away in front of him and was his brother.

Camp: Yamato explains that she has been waiting for Ace’s brother to inherit Ace’s will ever since, as Yamato is sure that together they can defeat Kaidou and then Yamato can finally be free.


  • In the manga, Babanuki, Poker and a few other Gifters were present when the statue was destroyed, in the anime this was not the case.
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