One Piece Episode 1012


Rear Port: Momonosuke and Yamato have found out that Kaidou made the island float. Momonosuke wonders how powerful Kaidou actually is to create something like that.

Main Hall: Chopper has told everyone that they need fire to stop the spread of the virus until he reproduces the antidote. Brook and Robin are worried though, as too many are already infected and they can’t organize that much fire without burning everything down. Marco overheard the conversation and shoots his flames at Chopper. Zoro and Brook then attack Marco until it occurs to Brook that Marco’s fire isn’t burning Chopper at all. Miyagi and Tristan arrive to help Chopper develop the antidote. A horde of ice demons tries to attack the two, but Marco is able to prevent this by attacking the ice demons with his fire. The fire only raises their body temperature, after which the ice demons come back to their senses. Marco explains that they are still in danger once their power wears off, so he merely created some time. Chopper, Tristan, and Miyagi go to a tower to concentrate on replicating the antidote. Chopper promises to heal everyone, which is why they should stop fighting. The henchmen of the Beasts Pirates don’t know what to make of this. Queen gives them orders to follow Chopper and recapture the antidote, as Chopper certainly won’t cure them and would only have lied to them. Further, Queen promises to kill anyone who opposes him. Marco now understands why so many Straw Hats are still here and offers to fly Zoro to the roof. He thinks Robin and Brook had better head off to help the others as well, but they want to stay behind to protect Chopper. Hyogoro, however, declares that he and the samurai will protect Chopper. Apoo comes to reclaim the antidote, but he is stopped by X. Drake, who has shifted into his dinosaur form. Drake assures Zoro that he can let him have this floor.

Floor 3: Jinbe and Luffy have reached a hall leading to the fourth floor. However, Jinbe senses that they are surrounded by several strong enemies there. This turns out to be true as several Cat Smile users surround them. Jinbe attacks the horde to draw attention while Luffy makes it to the fourth floor. Jinbe shouts to his enemies to attack quietly, he would be ready when suddenly hears a laugh from a dark corner. A massive saber-toothed tiger says that this will certainly be interesting.

Right Tower: Meanwhile, Franky fires his entire arsenal from his General Franky at Sasaki’s unit, who can do nothing about it. Sasaki ends up facing the fire himself and reveals his devil powers. He has also eaten from an ancient zoan fruit and can transform into a triceratops. He thinks that Franky wouldn’t stand a chance, since dinosaurs were once the most powerful creatures on earth. However, Franky just thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to test how strong his general Franky, the strongest robot in the world, is.

On another floor, Ulti and Page One run through the hallways in their dino forms, looking for Nami and Usopp, and even break the wall to the outside. Hihimaru continues to try to keep them at bay, but is no match for them and is quickly defeated after an attack from Page One. However, upon hearing Ulti swear to harm even Tama, the baboon once again rises to attack her. But once again, the attack was futile.

Warehouse: Yamato has taken Momonosuke and Shinobu to a warehouse where no one will be looking for them for now. Shinobu, on the advice of Yamato and Momonosuke, wants to use the time to rest and regain his strength. While doing so, Momonosuke notices a large broken dragon statue and asks Yamato what it’s all about. Yamato explains that the statue shows Kaidou in his dragon form and was originally in the entrance hall. However, a good friend of Yamato’s destroyed the statue, which is why it was brought here. That friend from back then was Ace.

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