One Piece Episode 1011


Floor 3: Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji have just arrived on the floor and are facing a fork in the road. Jinbe explains that they need to go left, but Sanji runs to the right, stating that he has something important to do. Jinbe assumes that Sanji must have sensed a strong opponent heading that way, and sets off with Luffy for the next floor. What they don’t know was that Sanji actually heard a woman calling for help, as someone is about to do something naughty to her.

Sanji reaches the room and sees the shadows of two people through the sliding door. A man appears to be pulling off a woman’s kimono. Sanji won’t let this happen and leaps into the room with a kick, only to find that the two were merely pretending and Sanji lands directly in a massive spider web. The woman calling for help was Sarahebi, a member of the Beasts Pirates who sometimes doubles as a teacher, convincing children that Oden, Kinemon, and co. were enemies of the land, while Orochi and Kaidou were heroes of Wano Country. Sarahebi and her accomplice now attack Sanji together, whereupon he ends up tied up in front of Black Maria. Sanji is annoyed that his chivalry got him in trouble again, but is glad that no women were harmed. He asks to be released, explaining that he has no intention of fighting anyone here, since almost all of Black Maria’s henchmen are women. Black Maria, of course, doesn’t take the deal, as Sanji would be too much trouble for others. Sanji tries his best not to be sweet-talked by Black Maria, but the ship’s cook has a hard time doing so. However, he sees other victims of Black Maria strung up behind her.

Bao Huang, in turn, has discovered Luffy and Jinbe via a cat, and gives word via Den-den Mushi to Poker and Mizerka, a Smile user with a gorilla growing out of her back. Poker wants to clear his name, since the Kid got away from him. Mizerka hopes they’ll split the bounty for Luffy, but Poker wants to defeat Luffy alone, thus moving up in rank. However, Luffy and Jinbe are intercepted on their way to both by former prisoners of Udon. They have cut a hole in the ceiling and built a ladder, allowing Luffy and Jinbe to take a shortcut to the fourth floor without having to deal with Poker and Mizerka, who in turn wait for them in vain.

Rooftop: Kinemon once again rises to face Kaidou, but is effortlessly knocked away by him.

Main Hall: Queen is annoyed with Chopper, who found a way to fight the virus, and Apoo, who lost the antidote. He wants to use a machine gun to create more ice demons, but just as he’s about to fire, his weapon is destroyed. Zoro made the long-range attack and explains that he didn’t come here for this game of catch, but to fight Kaidou, who is considered the strongest. An earthquake begins, whereupon some believe Zoro caused it, which he denies.

All of Onigashima is shaking and Law’s crew, out in the submarine, is trying to get distance from the island. While Yamato has just made it outside and wants to try to get Momonosuke onto a ship so he’s out of danger.

Main Hall: Zoro wonders how he can possibly get upstairs when Marco appears and asks the Straw Hats what they’re doing down here and if there’s anything he could do to help them.

Port: Yamato has come to the back port, but the ship has disappeared. With a shock on his face, Yamato realizes that the sea has also disappeared, whereupon Yamato understands what the quake was earlier. Momonosuke asks Yamato what was going on. Yamato explains that Kaidou can only fly in his dragon form because he creates special clouds that he hangs from. At that moment, the entire island is being carried by those clouds, as Kaidou has lifted the island into the air to take it to the flower capital.

Roof: Kaidou declares that Wano Country will now perish and the pirate fortress of New Onigashima will be born tonight. Soon they would usher in a new age of violence.

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