One Piece Episode 1010


Law found the poneglyph in Onigashima. He thinks back to how Corazón saved him and a conversation he had with Robin when he arrived in Wano Country. He told her, since he trusts her, that his real name is Trafalgar D. Water Law. Robin is surprised, but has to confess that she doesn’t know what the D. is all about either. Luffy doesn’t seem to care, but Robin would like to find out more as well. However, they have no choice but to find the red Poneglyphs to get answers. Back in the present, Law is annoyed that the poneglyph in front of him is a normal poneglyph and not a red Poneglyph.

Main Hall: Chopper has also been infected with the ice demon virus and wants to mitigate the symptoms until he has a cure, so he asks Brook to keep him warm. Before Brook can respond, they hear Big Mom’s laugh, which gets louder and louder until the Pirate Empress herself reappears in the main hall. She flies over the masses at Prometheus and Zeus.

In turn, in the hallways, Kid has pulled masses of metal objects to himself and is dragging a massive mass behind him, which he also uses to take out several of Kaidou’s henchmen when they get in his way. The Smile user Poker, who has snakes for legs, still wants to try and defeat Kid. Kid thinks that all the metal is meant for Kaidou. For an opponent like Poker, he would only need one arm. Kid dodges Poker’s attacks and knocks him back. He then uses the metal to build a wall between himself and his opponent. Kid asks Killer if he thinks this is enough metal for Kaidou, but Killer says they shouldn’t underestimate Kaidou and better to have too much than too little.

Rooftop: Kaidou finds the fight against Kinemon and co. more and more annoying and wants to finish it. Denjiro and Izou try to attack again, but Kaidou doesn’t mind. Kinemon tries next, but is effortlessly knocked several feet away by Kaidou’s club. As Kaidou approaches him again, Kiku and Kawamatsu stand in his way. The rest of the samurai stand up and surround Kaidou. They declare that they will keep Kaidou busy so Kinemon can deliver the final blow. Enraged, Kaidou counters that they are fools who still haven’t realized that they lost long ago. Kaidou lashes out wildly with his club, and Kinemon is forced to watch as his friends are defeated one by one. Enraged, Kinemon runs at Kaidou again to finish him off. Kaidou strikes again with his mace, causing the hole in the roof he came from with the samurai to grow even larger and Kiku’s severed arm to fall down.

Main Hall: Zoro spots Big Mom, but she’s not interested in him and flies up to the hole in the roof to meet up with Kaidou. Zoro thinks he really needs to hurry, since he wants to get there too. As he does so, he notices Kiku’s arm, which is about to fall off. Meanwhile, Brook has built a fire and Chopper gets as close as he can, realizing that his theory is correct. The virus isn’t spreading any further. Chopper tells Brook to grab a torch and come with him. Meanwhile, Zoro approaches the fallen arm and actually identifies it as Kiku’s arm. Around him, Zoro hears the screams of people becoming ice demons and crying out for help, as well as Queen’s laughter, who is having a delicious laugh at his game. Meanwhile, Omasa has also turned into an ice demon and is attacking his friends. Enraged, Zoro then walks over to Apoo, who is currently fighting X. Drake for the antidote. Apoo then goes to attack Zoro as well, who in turn attacks him with lightning speed, leaving Apoo wondering if Zoro did anything at all. But before he can react properly, Apoo suddenly succumbs to Zoro’s attack and collapses, while Zoro takes the antidote and hands it to Chopper. Zoro explains that he’s leaving the main hall to Chopper, as he doesn’t want to waste any more time with this so-called game. Chopper understands this and says that Zoro can count on him. A little later, Chopper calls out to all the pirates and samurai that fire can be used to lessen the effects of the virus. Further, Chopper promises to multiply the antidote to save everyone.

Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji have reached the third floor by now. Jinbe explains that the roof is on the fifth floor, which means they are almost there. Suddenly, Sanji stops. He hears a woman’s voice coming from the third floor, asking a man not to go any further as it would be indecent. Furious, the Straw Hats’ ship’s cook suddenly has a new priority.

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