One Piece Episode 1009


Onigashima, Docks: Carrot arrives at the docks and sees Perospero aiming at Marco. The sight of Perospero sends Carrot’s rage into overdrive. She wants to look into the full moon and shift into her Su Long form to kill Perospero. However, she averts her gaze in frustration, knowing that she is not allowed to do so for the plan. The Minks have been instructed to only use their Su Long form to fight Kaidou. Wanda comes in and tries to calm Carrot down. Carrot explains that she would have liked to learn a lot more from Pedro, but it is no longer possible. Therefore, she wants to at least finish Perospero off so Pedro can find his peace in the afterlife. Wanda then takes Carrot’s hand and explains that Pedro sacrificed himself to save Luffy and the others, which is surely why he died with no regrets. Wanda says that compassion for her friends is a great strength of Carrot’s, so she wants to help her so they can finish it together quickly. They both then look to the full moon and shift into their Su Long form. In a flash, they jump to Perospero, who is about to shoot Marco, and scratch his eyes. Big Mom’s firstborn can’t believe Carrot is already standing in his way again, while the latter counters that she’s finishing what Pedro started. Big Mom thinks revenge has no place on the battlefield and throws Marco at the two Mink women. Shortly after, Big Mom makes her way back inside Onigashima. Marco was intercepted by Carrot and Wanda, who briefly introduce themselves. They explain that they would be taking over Perospero, which is why Marco should go after Big Mom. The latter thanks them and wants to fly after her, but then notices the ice demons at the entrance.

Onigashima, Bathhouse: Page One attacks Komachiyo to make him let Ulti out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Usopp tries to sneak away, but this time it’s Nami who imitates his voice and shouts that this is all part of his Lizard Elimination Plan. Enraged, Ulti and Page One attack him, sending him flying halfway across the room until he is caught by Komachiyo and placed on his back, where Nami and Tama already are. Together they make their escape, with Nami asking Tama how she got here. Tama then explains that she made it here with the help of an enemy ship. Hihimaru then appears and attacks Page One. Tama shouts to the giant baboon to at least get them three minutes. Nami warns Tama that their enemies are very dangerous and strong. However, Tama retorts that they should not underestimate them since they are here to fight as samurai.

Elsewhere, Yamato continues to fight Sasaki’s armored unit. She defeats several armored units, but more henchmen with shields keep coming. When Sasaki has Momonosuke shot again, Yamato throws himself protectively in front of him again. Shinobu says that if Yamato is really a samurai, he should grab Momonosuke and leave them behind. However, Yamato refuses to do so, as that would not be what Oden would have done. Sasaki explains that Yamato should not underestimate him, after all he is one of the flying six. While Yamato is also very strong, Sasaki believes he has a good chance if Yamato is busy protecting Momonosuke all the time. Yamato sees no other option but to resort to his devil powers and is about to transform when suddenly an explosion is heard. Franky Shogun comes leaping through the air, still on the run from Hatcha. Yamato desists from transforming, preferring to admire Franky’s robotic body. Hatcha hits the ground with his iron club in frustration because he still couldn’t catch Franky, causing everyone present to be scattered by the force of the attack. A hole was created in the lower floors by the attack, causing Yamato to flee there with Shinobu and Momonosuke. However, Yamato asks Franky to take care of Sasaki, briefly explaining that Luffy gave him the task to take care of Momonosuke and Shinobu. This is already enough reason for Franky to take Yamato’s suggestion. In return, Yamato defeats Franky’s opponent and executes a clubbing blow enhanced with Haki, which knocks Hatcha unconscious. Yamato and the others then fall into the hole, which is why Sasaki loses them. Most of Sasaki’s troops have been defeated by Hatcha’s attack, so he radios out to find Momonosuke in the lower levels. To the troops that are still with him, he orders Franky to attack.

On the lower floors, Yamato carries Shinobu as well as Momonosuke and tells the heir to the throne that he absolutely must stay alive as he is the one who will lead the world to a new tomorrow.

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