One Piece Episode 1008


Onigashima, Docks: Marco fights Big Mom, knowing best how dangerous it would be to let Big Mom back to the rest of the fight. Big Mom tries to counter Marco’s flames with Prometheus, but Marco’s phoenix fire is stronger and defeats Prometheus. However, Marco gets careless, whereupon Big Mom is able to grab him and orders Perospero to shoot him with his bow and arrow. The latter immediately starts aiming.

Great Hall: Zoro and X. Drake, meanwhile, try to capture Apoo to get the antidote for the Ice Demon Virus. However, Apoo fends off the attacks with his tonfas. Queen watches the whole thing and says that they really need to take down the second and third strongest of the Straw Hat Pirates, which would be Zoro and Sanji. Looking at the wanted posters, Queen says that he didn’t think one of Judge’s sons was a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and starts to smile.

Elsewhere, Usopp and Nami continue to run away from Ulti and Page One. Usopp does try to apologize to Page One for the surprise attack, but the Dino siblings won’t leave it at that. They demand that the two also deny what Luffy had said to them earlier, that he was the next king of the pirates. As this is clearly Kaidou to Ulti and Page One. Nami and Usopp then stop and retort that Luffy will be the king of the pirates. Astonished at the sudden change in demeanor, Ulti and Page ask the two if they misheard. But Usopp, hiding behind Nami and pretending to speak again, says that Luffy clearly defeated Kaidou and is the future Pirate King. Egged on again, the chase goes into overdrive, except Usopp thinks they should try to cut their opponents’ powers in half, whereupon he runs into another hallway and is chased by Page One, while Nami is chased by Ulti.

Great Hall: Brook was bitten by an ice demon and fears to turn, but nothing happens because he has no skin or veins, so the virus has no effect on him. Also, his body temperature is always low, making reproduction impossible. Chopper wonders if raising his body temperature might do something about the effects, or at least slow down the process. However, Robin then realizes with horror that Chopper himself must have been bitten or scratched at some point, as one of his hooves is starting to develop a layer of ice.

Bathhouse: Nami has been hiding behind a stone wall in the Onigashima bathhouse. However, Ulti finds her and breaks the wall with one of her headbutts, which also affects Nami. Nami tries to fight back and gives Ulti a Gust Sword attack, throwing her into the nearest wall. However, this doesn’t faze Ulti and she retaliates shortly after by delivering a Haki enhanced headbutt to Nami’s forehead. Nami goes down bleeding and Ulti wants to give her the coup de grace if she doesn’t finally take back what Luffy said. However, Usopp comes in and intervenes, attacking Ulti multiple times. However, no matter what he fires at her, it seems to have no effect on her. Usopp also goes down bleeding after a headbutt from Ulti. Meanwhile, Ulti challenges Nami to finally admit that Luffy was only joking when he said he would be the next Pirate King.

Flashback: Nami then recalls how her hands were shaking when she met Luffy back then and Buggy told her to shoot him with a cannon. Luffy said that one should not underestimate the determination of pirates. When Nami asked then if he meant killing someone was a sign of determination, Luffy replied in the negative and went on to say that determination is shown when you are willing to put your own life on the line.

Present: Usopp tries to dissuade Ulti from Nami again and uses his giant carnivorous plant against her. However, this time Page One joins in and is able to free Ulti. Ulti has had enough of Usopp and again delivers a heavy headbutt reinforced with Haki, which cracks Usopp’s skull and sends him flying to the nearest stone wall. Nami goes to help Usopp, but is noticed by Ulti. Nami then begs for her life, crying, and declares that she gives up, as another headbutt will surely kill her. Ulti then demands that Nami say out loud that Luffy will never be Pirate King. Usopp hopes that Nami will take the chance to lie to Ulti, but Nami can’t get those words past her lips despite several attempts, saying that Luffy will most definitely be Pirate King. Ulti is then about to kill Nami when Tama and Komachiyo appear. The lion dog bites Ulti in the head, causing her to let go of Nami in shock and pain.

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