One Piece Episode 1007


Main Hall: Queen dances with joy at the mess he’s made, which only angers Chopper more. Omasa, meanwhile, wants to take his own life before he’s completely turned into an ice demon. Hyogoro, however, is against it and reminds him of what happened in Udon. There, the Straw Hats have also managed to fight off a deadly virus. Hyogoro appeals to Omasa not to give up hope. However, if there is no cure, Hyogoro promises to deal the coup de grace himself. Queen wants to make it more fun for himself and again shoots randomly into the crowd, whereupon more people turn into ice demons. He discovers Apoo in the process, whereupon he gets a new idea.

Zoro, meanwhile, is able to defeat some, but they rise again after a few minutes, like zombies. Chopper would like to make a cure for them, but he would need a sample without infecting himself. That seems impossible in the current situation, though, as the ice demons incessantly attack anyone who isn’t an ice demon. However, Chopper explains that there is another difference here with Udon. The maker of the virus is here and surely has an antivirus with him for emergencies. If Chopper could get this, he could replicate it and make enough medicine for everyone. What worries Chopper though is the state of the ice demons. Not only are they extremely aggressive and barely able to think straight thoughts. Their skin is extremely hypothermic and their muscles are being used one hundred percent. Before Chopper can finish his sentence, Queen herself explains over a megaphone that all the infected will die after about an hour.

Apoo has had enough. He makes it to a door and wants to go to another floor, but all the doors are locked. Queen, meanwhile, tosses Apoo something. It’s a glass vial containing the antivirus, Queen loudly announces. More and more people start to take notice. Pleasures, Waiters, Ninjas, Orochi’s Samurai, as well as the Samurai of Hyogoro and the Straw Hat Pirates. With a fright, Apoo can already imagine what’s coming next. Queen explains to Apoo that if he loses the antivirus, he will be killed later. Further, he tells everyone to quietly betray and fight each other to get the only antivirus that can help them. Queen calls this the ice demon tag game. Everyone then sets out to capture Apoo.

Rooftop: Nekomamushi and Inuarashi join forces to attack Kaidou, but he is able to bat away the attacks as well as the attackers themselves with ease. Both then land hard against a rock and lose their Su Long form. Kaidou thinks that they will all die soon enough without having accomplished anything, which he calls a meaningless death. Kaidou then prepares his next attack.

Meanwhile, Yamato stands in the way of Sasaki’s armored unit. Shinobu asks Yamato to protect Momonosuke, but Yamato retorts that he would also protect Shinobu, since he was there twenty years ago when Shinobu told people about Oden. Both Oden’s life and Shinobu’s words moved Yamato to tears at the time. Meanwhile, Sasaki gives the order to fire and his entire unit fires on Yamato. Yamato, however, takes every cannon shot like it was nothing. Yamato apologizes to Momonosuke, as he had tried to get to Momonosuke and protect him back when Oden died, before Kaidou appears. However, when Yamato arrived, Kaidou was already holding Momonosuke by the collar and was about to throw him out of the house into the flames until he changed his mind, thinking that Momonosuke wasn’t worth it. After the armored unit’s fire has ceased, Yamato lunges to counterattack, and with a single blow of his mace, is able to create an air blast that knocks away and takes out a hedgehog gifter on Sasaki’s side. Yamato now officially introduces himself by his real name, Momonosuke, and declares that he would now protect him.

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