One Piece Episode 1006


Hallways: Shinobu and Momonosuke are still running and hiding from Yamato. They actually manage to lose Yamato and momentarily send him on a false trail. However, they are pursued by a cat carrying a note with an eye on its face.

Hall: King asks Bao Huang, who has a similar note on her face, what it would look like. Bao Huang then tells King everything that just happened with Shinobu and Yamato. King then picks up a Den-den Mushi. He then gives orders to all the flying six that are available to find and kill Momonosuke, as the main goal of the enemy army is to make him the next Shogun. Should he fall, the samurai’s morale would plummet. He tells them via Den-den Mushi where exactly Momonosuke and Shinobu are currently staying.

Hallways: Shinobu has overheard some of Kaidou’s troops listening in on the order via Den-den Mushi. Shinobu then tries to run with Momonosuke in another direction and assures him that she would protect him, but no sooner said than she realizes too late that she has walked into an ambush and several people are opening fire on her. However, with her ninja skills, she was able to dodge in time before the enemies, which are Sasaki and a group of Gifters, which he refers to as his armored unit. The Armored Unit Gifters are mainly Gifters who have the powers of animals that have shells, carapaces, or thick skins, such as rhinos, crabs, beetles, and turtles. Shinobu’s attempt to counterattack is thus ineffective, as her blade has no effect on the enemies’ shells. Shortly after, the enemies start their fire again, whereupon Shinobu stands protectively in front of Momonosuke and is hit by several arrows. Shinobu asks Momonosuke to run away on her own while she tries to stop the enemies, but she is knocked away by a turtle shifter shortly after. Momonosuke is more than frustrated that even though he’s supposed to be the leader, he can’t do more than run away like a coward. However, the turtle-gifter quickly catches up to him and wants to finish him off with an axe. Before it can happen, however, the Gifter is hit by an attack and flung away. The attack came from Yamato, who stands protectively in front of Momonosuke and Shinobu.

Main Hall: Queen laughs at the chaos his ice demons are bringing, but wants to make it a little worse and now intentionally shoots his own men as well. Especially at the Pleasures, who he says are useless anyway since all they can do is laugh. Some Orochi secret agents wonder where their leader has disappeared to, but don’t have time to think about it, as they too are attacked by the Ice Demons, who kill them mercilessly, even though some of these were part of them before. The samurai, on the other hand, don’t want to kill their allies, but they don’t know what to do either, since they can’t just defend themselves forever. When Hyogoro is attacked by an ice demon, former yakuza boss Omasa helps him out and is able to fling the attacker back. However, he was scratched by the ice demon’s fingernails in the process and is about to become an ice demon himself. Chopper, meanwhile, says he can never forgive Queen for creating such a virus and taking pleasure in people’s suffering as well. He vows to save everyone.

First floor: Jinbe, Luffy and Sanji run through the corridors to get to the next floor. However, two very curious Gifters once again stand in their way. Hamlet, a giraffe smile user, with his human body serving as the head of the giraffe’s body, and Fourtricks, whose face emerges from the butt of a chicken’s body. However, Sanji and Jinbe find these too ridiculous to hang around with any longer than necessary, and knock them out with one blow and keep running.

Roof: Kiku has lost an arm and some of Kaidou’s men have also been hit by the latest attack, at which point Inuarashi orders the rest of the Minks to leave the roof. Kinemon, meanwhile, sets his sword on fire and holds it against Kiku’s injury to stop the bleeding. When Kinemon asks if Kiku can continue fighting, she confirms it. Kaidou then says that he really likes the samurai’s will. He shifts into his human form and says that Roger, Whitebeard, and Oden really accomplished something, since in his opinion, you don’t achieve completeness until you die. Kinemon, however, won’t hear of it, saying that there’s nothing honorable about one of them dying fighting Kaidou.

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