One Piece Episode 1005


Onigashima, Roof: With their final attack, Kinemon, Inuarashi, Denjiro, and Ashura open Kaidou’s old wound inflicted by Oden. Bleeding, Kaidou falls to the ground.

Main Hall: Those who have turned into ice demons attack their comrades and anyone bitten by them also turns into an ice demon. Queen continues to shoot into the crowd to create more ice demons. He calls out to Drake that he will end up the same way soon enough: Transformed into an ice demon, senselessly attacking everything and finally dying of exhaustion. Zoro is attacked by an ice demon, which he recognizes as one of the samurai who helped them with the Gifters. However, the ice demon does not recognize Zoro. However, Chopper forbids Zoro from touching the ice demon or he will turn into one as well. Chopper remembers seeing something like this before in Udon with the mummy virus and advises Queen for being the true cold-hearted demon here. Queen continues to give orders that the entrances and exits for this floor are to be sealed, as no one will survive here.

Hallways: Sanji and Luffy are still on their way to the roof, but are stopped by a bunch of henchmen. When Luffy goes to attack them, Sanji figures he’d better save his strength for Kaidou and quickly defeats the little fish for him. But the leader of that squad Briscola still won’t let them through and avenges his men. The gifter has the powers of a Smile fruit, which transforms his forearm into the torso of a gorilla. The sight irritates Sanji somewhat. However, the fight is short-lived as Briscola is taken out by Jinbe from ambush. Briscola does get up again, at which point Luffy now wants to intervene, but Jinbe defeats him for good with just one more attack. He explains that, like Sanji, he has come to join Luffy on his way to the roof so that he can conserve his energy. Sanji warns Jinbe, however, that Luffy always fights as soon as the opportunity presents itself, at which point their captain is already running to beat up the rest of the troops who get in their way.

Wano Country, Flower Capital: The people of the Flower Capital celebrate the Fire Festival and enjoy their time without Orochi, where they can say, eat, and drink whatever they want. They can also now honestly say how much they miss the time when Oden was alive. They hope that someone will eventually come to free them from Orochi and Kaidou.

Onigashima, Roof: Since Kaidou hasn’t moved in a while, the samurai think they’ve won. However, Ashura thinks they should play it safe and cut Kaidou’s head off. Kinemon agrees with him, at which point the samurai rush to Kaidou, but are repelled by his dragon tail. Kaidou stands up and explains that he wouldn’t have minded dying, however they didn’t actually open his old wound, they just scratched it because they were too weak. He regrets that the old fortune teller interfered in his fight with Oden back then, as he probably has no worthy opponent now and will never know how the fight would have turned out fairly. He thinks that the samurai before him couldn’t match Oden’s caliber either and should be wiped out for that reason. Instead of fire, Kaidou now uses wind to attack everyone and unleashes several cutting winds at his opponents. Though they try to dodge, Kiku is hit and loses both a piece of his sword’s blade and an entire arm.

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