One Piece Episode 1003


Hall: The samurai who are hit by Queen’s bullets develop a layer of ice over their skin, making them look like ogres. Shortly after, they attack anyone within their radius, causing them to transform as well. Zoro asks X. Drake what Queen uses for bullet. But before Drake can explain it to him, Queen fires a machine gun into the masses one more time, no matter who it hits.

Meanwhile, in the hallways, Shinobu continues to run away from Yamato with Momonosuke. Yamato tells them to wait because she wants to protect them. However, Yamato also keeps repeating being Oden, which doesn’t inspire confidence in Shinobu.

Rooftop: Shishilian has managed to defeat the Numbers giant Nangi. Jack then stands in his way, but Nekomamushi and Inuarashi think they will take this one.

Entrance of Onigashima: Wanda and another squad of Minks stop the Beast Pirates from running into the Great Hall as reinforcements. The Minks defeat dozens of pirates, but more keep coming. Some manage to run past Wanda as she is busy with more enemies. But the pirates who made it through the last gate to the great hall are suddenly kicked out again. Carrot had been taking care of these enemies and has come to help Wanda. But suddenly, from a distance, she hears a voice all too familiar to her. She apologizes to Wanda for having to go investigate something again and storms off in a huff.

Docks: Big Mom regains consciousness and can’t believe she was tricked and taken so far from the battlefield. Perospero and Marco then come to her. Big Mom is a bit taken aback by this set up, whereupon her son explains to her that he teamed up with Marco to defeat Kaidou. Big Mom doesn’t like this at all, however, and explains that she has already formed an alliance with Kaidou and his band of pirates. Perospero interjects that Kaidou is untrustworthy, but admonishes him to not question his mother’s decisions.

Rooftop: Jack tries to stand up to the two Mink Rulers, but they are too fast and too strong for him. Before they give him the coup de grace, however, Kaidou interferes and pulls Jack away with his tail. He explains that as captain, he can ill-afford to see an important man of his crew killed in front of him. He compliments Jack on doing a good job of defeating the remaining Minks with his men, leaving only those two left. Further, he says that Jack should now leave the battlefield and get treated. Kaidou would take care of the rest himself.

Docks: Big Mom has convinced Perospero of her decision, whereupon Marco understands that his alliance with Perospero has probably come to an end. Big Mom, in turn, can’t believe Marco wants to support Luffy and company, to which he says he’s free to decide what he wants to do. Marco goes into his hybrid form and Big Mom tries to stop him from joining the Straw Hats in the Great Hall, whereupon a clash ensues between the two. Meanwhile, Carrot comes running down the stairs, followed by Wanda, who asks what’s going on. Carrot explains that she found Pedro’s last enemy and sees Perospero standing at the bottom of the stairs as well. Before she can reach him, she comes to an unroofed spot and can see the full moon.

Rooftop: Kaidou thinks the samurai would have been better off continuing to hide from him and flee, to which he spits a large fireball at them. However, Kinemon is able to slash it with his foxfire style, explaining that they have grown tired of running and hiding.

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