One Piece Episode 1002


Great Hall: Luffy and X. Drake land safely on the floor after defeating the two Numbers. The Straw Hats wonder what is going through Drake’s mind, taking down his ally and then asking Luffy to fight on his side. Not wanting to waste any time or take any chances, Zoro attacks Drake, who in turn fends it off. Zoro reminds Luffy that Drake has become a subordinate of Kaidou, much like Hawkins. Drake, however, explains that he was kicked out of the gang. Jinbe says that this doesn’t warrant a direct switch of sides, though, since pirates have a moral code too. Luffy, however, says he’s fine with it and will consider Drake his ally for the rest of the battle. His goal is to take out Kaidou, so what Drake wants to do now doesn’t really matter to Luffy. Zoro still doesn’t trust Drake though and says he won’t let him near Luffy.

Luffy makes his way to the main castle to get to the roof from there, with Franky and Jinbe watching his back. Sanji accompanies Luffy, but they are suddenly attacked by Page One and Ulti, who have reverted to their dinosaur form. However, Usopp shoots Page One right in the mouth, causing her to go down briefly. When Ulti angrily asks who was responsible, Usopp hides behind Nami’s back and disguises his voice while pretending to be Nami, explaining that she attacked Ulti’s brother. Nami punches Usopp, but Usopp doesn’t stop with his provocations. Ulti and Page One then charge at the two, to which they immediately run away, drawing them away from the battlefield as well as Luffy.

Sanji and Luffy are about to run on when the next obstacle gets in their way. This time in the form of Apoo. Luffy immediately advises Sanji to cover his ears, whereupon they become immune to his attacks, but Apoo has not come alone. He explains that he likes the ten Numbers giants a lot, so he can’t forgive the defeat of Goki, Juki, and Jaki, which is why he went for help. It turns out that the Numbers giant Haccha has probably sobered up by now, so he is now specifically attacking the samurai. However, when he sees Franky in his General Franky robot, he thinks he’s found a toy for himself and runs to it. Jinbe advises Franky to lure the giant away, which Franky does immediately.

Zoro continues to attack Drake until he tells him why he switched sides or what his true identity is. Drake, however, explains that if he tells him this, they will be forced to fight each other and an alliance will then no longer be possible. Suddenly, the two hear that Apoo plans to bring more Numbers to the battlefield, at which point they attack him. Drake explains that he’s never liked Apoo and that’s why he’s going to fight him. Zoro also has unfinished business with him and declares that he now agrees to an alliance with Drake if they can work together to silence Apoo. Suddenly, gunshots are heard. Zoro and Drake narrowly escape the bullets. Queen fires into the crowd from the stage with some sort of machine gun, not seeming to care who he hits. The samurai that are hit are in a lot of pain as their wounds suddenly start to freeze. Drake takes a closer look at one of the bullets fired and is shocked to realize what Queen fired. Queen in turn laughs maliciously at the situation.

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