One Piece Episode 1000


Big Mom was first taken out of the hall by Robin and Jinbe. She rolls out of the fortress uncontrollably, screaming as she does so. This raises the eyebrows of Perospero, who immediately heads towards his mother. Marco, on the other hand, is disappointed that her extermination was so brief.

On the other side of the island, some Gifters help Sasaki break the last chain that was holding him down. Sasaki still can’t believe that Kyoshiro, one of his best friends, is a vassal of Oden and betrayed him. Sasaki doesn’t care about the history of Wano Country, but he can’t let this betrayal go unpunished.

Rooftop: The Minks have no trouble overpowering Kaidou’s normal henchmen, but Numbers giant Nangi and Jack are a different caliber and many Minks are knocked back unconscious by the two, after which they transform back. Raizo wants to rush to their aid, but Nekomamushi and Inuarashi ask to take care of it themselves. They look to the moon and go into their Su Long form. With lightning speed, they rush forward to Jack.

Stage: Luffy, to Queen’s surprise, has made it to the stage and flings himself from there to the roof. Zoro, meanwhile, has also arrived there and hangs onto Luffy to accompany him. Luffy then flings himself and Zoro towards the hole from the roof to rush to Kinemon and co’s aid, but their path is suddenly blocked by Queen, who has shifted into his brachiosaur form and put his head in front of the hole. He catches both Straw Hat Pirates with his mouth, and the hole is shortly guarded by King and some flying Gifters.

Queen spits the two back to the ground, where the Numbers giant Jaki tries to attack them, however Zoro and Luffy are able to fend off the attack. However, the giant with a squad of enemy pirates charges at them again. Franky joins them on his motorcycle and tells them to leave this to him. Usopp and Chopper bring their tank to him and with both vehicles combined, Franky again creates his Iron Pirate General Franky. As such, he attacks Jaki and is able to defeat him. But the enemy pirates merely regroup with some Gifters and the other two Numbers Goki and Juki and want to attack again. Meanwhile, Sanji is just extricating himself from a pile of rubble that was on top of him. While he’s glad he survived King’s attack, he knows he only has his suit to thank for it, which in turn he hates. Not wanting to rely on his family’s technology even more, Sanji deactivates his suit.

The samurai are about to prepare for the next wave of enemies when they are joined by the Straw Hat Pirates. Each one seemingly defeats a dozen enemies with just one attack. After everyone has gathered, Luffy says that he probably can’t jump through the hole so easily after all, especially since it’s now protected by the flying Gifters. Zoro then says that they’ll probably have to walk up. Hyogoro starts laughing, which makes his comrades a little surprised. The latter explains that he doesn’t understand it himself, but even though they’re outnumbered, he has a feeling that their side won’t lose. Every samurai agrees with him and they think it must be related to Luffy. Luffy then calls out to the samurai to have his and his crew’s back, as they are going to rush forward to Kaidou again. He promises to defeat Kaidou.


  • At Grand St & Kent Ave in New York City, there is a large billboard on the occasion of this episode. It is about 5 meters high and about 13.5 meters wide and was hand painted. Anyone who posts a photo of themselves in front of the billboard on Instagram or Twitter from November 10 to December 05 and links to it with the hashtag #OnePiece1000Mural will have a chance to win a prize from Crunchyroll. Prizes for the winner of this photo contest include a one-year subscription to Crunchyroll, weekend tickets to Anime NYC 2022, and a $100 gift card to Midtown Comics (note: needs link).
  • In Los Angeles, a billboard advertising was installed on W Olympic Blvd & Pontius Ave.
  • Of course, advertising was also prominently placed in Tokyo, for example at Shibuya station.
  • The seiyuu involved in this episode collected their autographs and messages on a large board. Usopp’s seiyuu Kappei Yamaguchi drew a Luffy in the middle of the board for this purpose.
  • In France and the Benelux region, fans had the opportunity to watch this episode in the cinema. Under the name “One Piece Marathon 1000 Logs”, an event programming lasting about 3.5 hours was put on in about 120 cinemas on November 21 to celebrate episode 1000 properly. After the feature film Strong World was shown first, a character portrait about Luffy followed. The event was then concluded with episode 1000.
  • Episode 1315 of the cult anime Chibi Maruko-chanwhich aired the same day on Fuji TV, features Maruko wearing a straw hat at the beginning. Eyecatchers in this episode include Luffy and Chopper, as well as a congratulatory message for the 1000th episode of the One Piece anime.
  • To mark this anniversary episode, Crunchyroll and Toei Animation have teamed up to upload a YouTube video that features one second from every single One Piece episode. The music for the video is the opening songs that aired with each episode.
  • For this episode, a one-off remake of the very first opening We Are was shown.
  • In addition to the opening, an updated version of Luffy’s very first Eyecatcher was also used.
  • The number 1000 appears above the skull of Usopp’s attack Skull Explosion Herb, in reference to the episode number.
  • Before the usual “To Be Continued” was shown, the words “Thanks” and “and…” were shown in succession on a black background. During the crossfade to the preview, the One Piece logo was also minimally revised. The background was slightly changed and instead of black, the logo now has white font outlines.
  • Along with this episode, a new theatrical film was announced, One Piece Film Red.
  • Under the title #ONEPIECE1000LOGS you can participate in a world record all over Europe: On the corresponding website, the largest digital photo album in the world is to be created with the help of fans. Selfies can simply be uploaded for this purpose. In cooperation with several advertising partners, prizes will also be raffled off among all participants.
The key visual for the promoAdvertising in New York CityAdvertising in Los AngelesAdvertising in Tokyo, Shibuya
Advertising in Berlin on AlexanderplatzThe gLaffittei at Berlin Central StationThe promo poster for the French cinema eventThe described tablet of the seiyuu
The eye catchers in Chibi Maruko ChanThe eye catcherThe overlay before the “To Be ContinuedThe slightly redesigned One Piece logo before the preview.
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