One Piece Episode 099

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Desert Ship: The Straw Hats and Vivi are dropped off by Barbarossa near the village of Ido to replenish water supplies for their continued journey.

Ido: A guard sees the desert pirate flag in the distance and wants to warn his boss Camieu as well as the rest of his comrades. Due to the fact that Camieu and his friends have been staging their strength and pretending to be rebels in order to make a tolerable living at the expense of the village, they want to make a run for it. However, they are surprised by Ace, who offers them his help in exchange for food.

Before Ido: Ace sets off with the food and immediately meets Luffy and his group. Ace then tells them the truth about Camieu and his people. They are only pretending to be rebels and are defending the village from robber gangs. Therefore, he asks Luffy and the others not to enter the village, which Vivi disregards because she doesn’t want to accept that these impostors take advantage of the inhabitants.

Camieu suspects they’ve been set up by Ace, so he plans to make another run for it. On the way, however, they are surprised by the villagers and set out to confront them for appearances’ sake. Pursued by the villagers, they have no choice but to run into Luffy.

Luffy obviously knocks Camieu out, yet he gets back up and stops Luffy from hurting his friends. As a result, Luffy lets Camieu hit him and doesn’t get back up right away either. Motivated by this, Camieu’s friends join the fight against the Straw Hats and Luffy is also pleased by the change of heart of the impostors, who would now really do anything to defend Ido. Sanji and Usopp now stage a retreat, making Camieu’s victory believable.

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