One Piece Episode 094


Nami, Zoro, Usopp and Chopper are at the market in Nanohana, looking for Luffy. They discover a man who is looking for Luffy with a wanted poster. He gets the tip to ask at the inn, the innkeeper knows everyone in the area. The Straw Hat Pirates also discovers Smoker and Tashigi at the market.

The man with Luffy’s wanted poster causes a big commotion at the inn shortly after, falling asleep at dinner and leading the patrons to believe he is dead. When he wakes up again, the curious crowd outside the building disperses, attracting Smoker’s attention. The latter immediately identifies the man as the vice of Whitebeard’s pirate gang, and the guests present now also recognize the tattooed flag on his back. When Smoker asks what such a famous pirate is doing here, he answers that he is looking for his little brother. But both are suddenly thrown through the walls: Luffy has used his devil powers to transport himself into the inn, catching them both in the process. Calmly, Luffy sits down at the counter and begins to eat. Smoker returns and Luffy immediately recognizes him, at which point he flees. Whitebeard’s vice has now recognized Luffy as well and follows the two.

Luffy and Smoker engage in a chase through the city. Tashigi is instructed by Smoker to alert the navy and search for the remaining Straw Hat Pirates. As he flees, Luffy spots his friends and runs to them, whereupon the navy now targets the entire gang. Smoker tries to grab Luffy using his Smoke Fruit, but Luffy’s brother fends off the attack. He says he’ll handle it and they should run to their ship, he’ll be right behind.

On the way, Luffy reveals his relationship to this pirate when asked by his people. Smoker now also learns that the two are brothers, which he finds very interesting.

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