One Piece Episode 089


Luffy notices that Wapol has disappeared and goes to look for him. At the castle, Nami has gone to her room and bumps into Wapol, who immediately chases after her. When Wapol has almost caught Nami, Luffy joins in and flings Wapol away. The latter stands in front of a door and says it’s the royal armory and he’s going to eat all the weapons in there now and finish them off for good. But he can’t find the key to it because Nami, intending to use the key to loot the treasury, has stolen it beforehand. Wapol then runs to his giant cannon and threatens Luffy with it. He pulls the trigger, but no bullet comes out, instead a snowbird. Dalton, some villagers, and Zoro, Usopp, and Vivi take the cable car up to the castle. Dalton wants to blow up the castle, but Luffy has since flung Wapol away with a gum-gum bazooka.

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