One Piece Episode 081


Winter Island, Mountain Path: Sanji and Luffy face off against giant predatory rabbits while Nami is getting worse. A fight ensues, but the snow under their feet makes it difficult. Thus, they decide to flee forward. While Luffy is not supposed to intervene since he is carrying Nami, Sanji takes care of the attacking predatory rabbits.

Winter Island, village: While Dalton, Usopp and Nami are talking, a giant woman appears and tells the three that Dr. Kureha is currently not in her castle – in the direction of which Luffy and Sanji are heading with the sick Nami – but in the neighboring village of Cocoa Weed.

Cocoa Weed: Together with a reindeer at her side, the witch appears in the village and offers to treat the father of a sick boy. While the father agrees, Dalton, Usopp and Nami are also on their way to the neighboring village. Meanwhile, Dr. Kureha treats the boy, who is sick with a bacterial infection and, according to her, is about to die. But she is able to prevent this and the boy is quickly recovered, but demands a horrendous payment for her treatment, to the horror of all present. After the boy thanks her, she lowers the price slightly. The father thanks her and agrees to pay.

The Going Merry: Zoro, meanwhile, is training in the freezing water and tries to convince Karoo to train as well, but he shudders at the thought of the cold water.

Cocoa Weed: On their way to Cocoa Weed, Dalton delves deeper into the island’s past. He himself once served in Wapol’s bodyguard, but broke away from him due to Wapol’s lack of conscience. After the three reach the village and talk to the villagers, Dalton learns that Wapol has been spotted on the island again and immediately runs to settle an old score.

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