One Piece Episode 080


Winter Island: When Luffy drops anchor on Winter Island with his friends and Vivi, he doesn’t get a warm welcome. The head of the security force, Dalton, and the islanders have had nasty experiences with pirates. It turns out they’ve dropped anchor in the former kingdom of Drum, where King Wapol was in charge until a few months ago. However, when Blackbeard’s band of pirates raided and devastated the island, Wapol and his men fled, leaving the country in the lurch. Luffy and Sanji set off with Nami to find the witch Dr. Kureha, who is the only doctor on the island. She lives high up on a mountain in a castle. Luffy and Sanji have some trouble on the way there, however, as Lapins and Hiking Bears oppose them.

At sea: Wapol and his men sight Winter Island from their submarine.

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