One Piece Episode 079


At sea: Nami’s condition has still not improved. Vivi thinks they need to find a doctor as soon as possible. Zoro has spotted a human in the direction of travel, apparently standing on the water. This one speaks some words about the weather to Luffy and Usopp as if it’s nothing special. Shortly after, it turns out that the man is standing on a submerged submarine, so it only appears to be standing on the water. The crew of the ship is hostile to the Straw Hats and immediately boarded the Going Merry. Shortly thereafter, the other captain enters the ship and wants the The Going Merry’s log port, booty, and supplies. When these are not handed over, he begins to eat the ship. Luffy, who doesn’t take this well at all, begins fighting the enemy crew. In the fight, Luffy learns that the enemy captain is named King Wapol and is a devil fruit user. However, it is easy for Luffy to hurl Wapol away, whereupon the enemy gang quickly runs away to save their captain.

In unknown waters: Smoker is informed that an apparently important radio message has been intercepted. Together with Tashigi he listens to it, it is the conversation between Mister Zero and Sanji. In this way, Smoker learns that the Straw Hat Pirates must be on the Grand Line. He can only speculate as to how the Straw Hat Pirates is involved in the coup rumors on Arabasta.

In the meantime it has become evening and still no island or doctor has been found. Nami is getting worse and worse, and even Vivi is getting lost. The next morning, Sanji, who was supposed to keep vigil, is woken up by Usopp, who starts to repair the Going Merry. Since it’s still so cold, this gives Vivi reason to soon head for an island, presumably a winter island. Shortly after, Sanji also sees an island on the horizon. Luffy looks forward to the snow and shortly after the The Going Merry can actually dock and the search for a doctor can begin. But before Luffy and Sanji can leave, they are “greeted” by the armed inhabitants of the island, who don’t want to let the gang land.

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