One Piece Episode 074


Little Garden: Mister 3 has managed to take Brogy down, and is pinning him to the ground using his devil powers. Despite his immense strength, the giant cannot free himself.

Miss Valentine captures Vivi. Meanwhile, Mister 5 has taken out Luffy, Usopp and Karoo. Provoked by Luffy, the agent attacks him several times with his devil powers. Luffy, who is still stuck under the rock that Dorry placed on him, is unable to dodge the attacks. The agents set off for Mister 3 with Vivi as their prisoner, leaving the others behind.

Arrived at Mister 3, who just explains to Brogy that he has ensured the end of the fight between the giants, he uses his powers to put heavy wax shackles on Vivi and thus prevent her from running away. Mister 5 is now to fetch Zoro and Nami, meanwhile Mister 3 prepares his XXL candelabra. The two straw hats and Vivi are now placed on the wax tower, the top of which begins to rotate, spraying a fine mist of wax onto the prisoners. In the long run, the wax will cause Zoro, Nami, and Vivi to freeze into wax figures. Laughed at by the Baroque agents over the course of the battle between the giants, Brogy mobilizes extreme powers and is able to break the wax shackles. Before he can move against the agents, however, he is defeated again by Mister 5.

Luffy awakens from his swoon and, along with Usopp and Karoo, swears revenge on the agents.

These are just busy tying Brogy up again before he can strike out again. After Mister 3 has nailed the giant to the ground with wax nails, Brogy also gives up for the time being. Zoro, Nami, and Vivi are currently dealing with the initial effects of the wax mist. Brogy begins to doubt the War God of Elbaf, unable to understand why he and Dorry deserve such a death. Zoro, correctly interpreting the giant’s expression, asks him if it is now time to fight and not surrender to the situation. In order to free himself, Zoro has decided to cut off his feet and then kick in the agents. Brogy also agrees to take the initiative one last time, and Vivi now wants to fight as well. But before any of the prisoners can do anything, Luffy, Usopp and Karoo show up, who in turn now want to start fighting the agents. Zoro, meanwhile, has already cut his first foot and asks Luffy to destroy the guard tower first.

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