One Piece Episode 071


The Going Merry: A giant stands in front of the The Going Merry. Nami and Usopp are completely frightened. The giant asks the two if they have a nip of liquor for him. Before the two can react, a predatory dinosaur bites into the giant’s back, however, he makes short work of it and decapitates the animal. He then introduces himself as Brogy, the greatest warrior of Elbaf. Overcome by shock, Nami and Usopp play dead, hoping to divert the giant’s attention elsewhere.

Luffy stands on the head of a long-necked dinosaur and surveys the surroundings. He discovers a volcano and a mountain with a large cave. Vivi asks him to watch out and get down before the dinosaur hurts him. Instead, Luffy wants to use the dinosaur as a means of transportation and doesn’t shy away from violence. Suddenly, even larger dinos appear around Luffy’s dinosaur, making it clear that Luffy’s specimen is just a juvenile. Vivi tries to get Luffy to come down again. He instead climbs onto an even larger dinosaur for an even better view. However, this animal doesn’t take to Luffy’s antics and simply swallows him. Suddenly, a looming giant cuts the dinosaur’s neck and Luffy slides to freedom instead of his stomach. The giant catches Luffy and introduces himself as Dorry, the strongest warrior of Elbaf. Vivi isn’t necessarily surprised by the giants’ existence, as she’s heard of them before. Dorry invites Luffy, Vivi and Karoo to be her guests.

Brogy, meanwhile, has lit a fire and is roasting the meat from the dinosaur he killed earlier. He has taken Nami and Usopp with him, suspecting they are just sleeping. Before their act is exposed, they sneak out of Brogy’s reach and run. In the forest, they are surprised by a saber-toothed tiger, who must think they are easy prey. They keep running and are surprised by a predatory dinosaur, but are eventually saved from the two predators by Brogy. He now invites the two to dinner, which has since been prepared. However, the two do not dare to eat anything for fear of being eaten by the giant. Nami asks Brogy how long it will take the log port to store the new route, and is more than horrified by the answer, as it is supposed to be a year.

Dorry and Luffy are having a great time, enjoying the meat that the giant has prepared. Dorry tells Luffy about the island of giants and the laws that prevail there. He explains to him that he is on Little Garden because of a feud and has been fighting his adversary for 100 years. Upon Luffy’s inquiry, he learns that giants live up to 300 years, so the duration of their fight is nothing special.

Sanji and Zoro drag their prey to the ship, each already declaring themselves the winner. When they meet, they lay their prey side by side to see who has bagged the longer animal. Unable to agree on a winner, they set off again to hunt a larger animal. A volcano erupts in the distance, which the two decide is the starting point for their bet and the ending point the next time it erupts.

Dorry also sees the outburst and says he has to go. Just as with Nami and Usopp, Brogy also sets off. At the center, the two giants meet and start a fight.

Somewhere on the island: Mister 5 and Miss Valentine stand in front of a building and kill a predatory dinosaur before. They enter the building and speak out against the interference of the Mister 3 living there, they want to kill the straw hats now and collect the 200 million bounty on Brogy and Dorry.

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