One Piece Episode 069


Grand Line: Usopp paints his glorious arrival in Little Garden in all his typical debauchery. Vivi explains to Nami the peculiarities prevalent on their route. In the newspaper, Luffy finds a picture of Koby and Helmeppo, who are currently sitting anxiously aboard a Navy ship. Through the enclosed article, he learns that Koby is also on the Grand Line, to which he and Zoro are visibly surprised.

Marine Headquarters: Koby and Helmeppo are impressed by the drill the cadets are subjected to at Marine Headquarters. Helmeppo doesn’t believe he can withstand the physical demands and doubts his decision to come here. Egged on by Vice Admiral Garp, they get back to work. After another period of work, Helmeppo suggests they work during the day and train at night to get ahead as quickly as possible. Koby is surprised by this idea, but immediately goes along with it. The two are observed during their nightly training sessions by Vice Admiral Garp and his constant companion Bogard.

Koby and Helmeppo overhear some marines talking about Luffy and the bounty on his head. In the process, he slips out that he is friends with Luffy, which is unfortunately overheard by Garp. He gives the two the option of leaving the Navy immediately, since befriending a pirate is not tolerated there, or fighting him. The two actually decide to go up against the Vice Admiral. In the ensuing fight, the two can’t do much and don’t even manage to hit him, but they don’t want to give up either. Garp is still hit by the two in a careless moment, which he takes as proof of their newly acquired strength and strong will. He admits to the two that he only tortured them because they needed to work on themselves and the fight was merely a test. After the fight, Garp assigns Bogard to train the two cadets, allowing them to make great progress over time.

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