One Piece Episode 068


Grand Line: The Straw Hat Pirates is struggling with a lull and must find other ways to pass the time until the wind comes up. Usopp, Luffy and Sanji decide to go fishing, but since Luffy ate all the bait, they plan to use Karoo. Vivi still can’t believe there’s 30 million on Luffy’s head, but Nami explains to her that he’s defeated various villains and bullies in the East Blue before. Luffy reminisces and wonders what happened to Koby.

Koby and also Helmeppo have become cadets in the navy. Koby still dreams of becoming a naval officer one day. Koby is overzealous as always and Helmeppo is still as lazy as ever. He can’t stand having to do the dirty work of training school. Helmeppo wishes for the old days back when he could bully everyone else. Koby tells Helmeppo to finally make something of himself and stop blaming others for his situation. In an accident caused by the two, a shelter is destroyed and the two are forced to work without pay for the next few years.

The next assignment Koby and Helmeppo take part in is the surrender of Captain Morgan, Helmeppo’s father, to Vice Admiral Garp. Helmeppo understands that his father is to be sentenced, but still cannot come to terms with it. The next morning they meet up with the Vice Admiral’s ship, however the handover goes wrong. Morgan manages to free himself and takes Helmeppo hostage, escaping in a small sailing ship. When the navy tries to open fire on the fugitive, Koby stops them and stands in front of the cannon. He jumps into the water and swims after the ship. Against all odds, he manages to catch up with the boat, but can’t do anything about Morgan with Helmeppo. Nevertheless, they manage to escape and can swim back to the navy ship.

Contrary to expectations, Helmeppo and Koby are not kicked out of the Navy. Instead, Vice Admiral Garp takes them under his wing and they are allowed to accompany him to naval headquarters.

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