One Piece Episode 067


Before Luffy and Zoro can continue their fight, they are stopped and beaten up by Nami. Nami now wants to negotiate payment with Vivi, but learns that the royal family of Arabasta has no money. Instead, she learns about the bad state the country is in. Vivi slips out in the presence of the Straw Hats who is the leader of the Baroque Works. The unlucky Mr. 13 and Miss Friday find out about this and set off with sketches of the Straw Hats to tell the boss.

Igaram, meanwhile, has devised a plan to allow Vivi and the Straw Hats to escape. He asks Luffy to bring Vivi to Arabasta, which he promises to do. Igaram now sets off for Arabasta, disguised as Vivi. However, within sight of the island, his ship is attacked and sunk in a large explosion.

In a rush, Luffy grabs the sleeping Sanji and Usopp and drags them to the ship to leave as soon as possible. Before they leave the river entrance, they are surprised by a stowaway on board. Vivi identifies her as Miss Bloody Sunday, the partner of Mister 0. Before she disappears again, she establishes her superiority over the Straw Hats and is able to take them all out with her devil powers. However, she still informs the gang of the problem they are about to face. The next island her log port points to is Little Garden. As a substitute, she gives them an Eternal port that points towards Arabasta on an uninhabited island, which means they wouldn’t have to go to Little Garden. However, before Vivi can make a decision to sail to Little Garden or Nada, Luffy destroys the Eternal port. He is the captain and thus he decides the course. The agent now takes off again and the Going Merry sets course for Little Garden.

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