One Piece Episode 063


Crocus’ Island: Crocus tells the Straw Hats the story of Laboon. This one came across Reverse Mountain on a pirate ship when he was still a baby whale. Knowing that the Grand Line is no place for a baby whale, the captain of the ship told Laboon to stay here on Reverse Mountain. They promised him to sail around the world and then meet again. Laboon actually stayed there and waited. Fifty years have passed since then.

The Straw Hat Pirates leave Laboon’s stomach via a channel and learn that this was the only way for Crocus to treat the whale. Back in the sea proper, they learn from Crocus that the pirates who left Laboon behind have made off.

When Crocus, an unspecified time ago, informed Laboon of the fact that the pirates would not be returning, he began banging his head against Reverse Mountain and yelling at him. However, he is still waiting for the pirates.

Luffy, meanwhile, has ripped out the ship’s mast and driven it into a bleeding wound of the giant whale. The whale has accepted the declaration of battle and now fights with Luffy. Before the two can cause any major destruction, however, he is stopped by Luffy. He makes him a new promise. When the Straw Hat Pirates has sailed around the Grand Line, they will fight again to find out who is the stronger. As a token of their promise, he paints the sign of the Straw Hats on Laboon’s head and demands that he stop ramming his head against the mountain so as not to obliterate it.

Nami finds that her captives Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday have run off, but find their log port left behind. The agents see the unlucky Mr. 13 and Miss Friday approaching in the distance and are bombarded by them.

Usopp repairs the broken mast, Zoro takes a nap, Sanji takes care of the food and Nami wants to calculate the course. However, she discovers that her compass no longer works. Their shock is taken as great courage by Krokus, as they know nothing of the magnetic currents. Krokus explains to Nami how the log port found by Luffy works. In an argument which ends in the sea, Sanji, Luffy and the Baroque agents are rescued by Laboon. The agents ask the Straw Hats to be taken to Whisky Peak.

Before they leave, they say goodbye to Krokus and Laboon with Whisky Peak as their destination.

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