One Piece Episode 060

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In the sea: The harpoon fired from Nelson’s ship is intercepted by Luffy and thrown back. Ryu awakens once more and lets out a powerful scream, whereupon hundreds of dragons appear on the horizon.

Nelson’s Flagship: Nelson orders the many dragons to be shot down in order to get his dragon bones. Therefore, Luffy unceremoniously sinks the flagship, much to the astonishment of the rest of the marines.

Navy Ship: Zoro and Sanji head back to the The Going Merry after their victory and admire the circling of the emerged dragons over Warship with the rest of the crew.

Warship: Residents notice that the seawater is receding.

Nami sees her suspicions confirmed that the dragons’ nest is a sunken part of Warship. This then also emerges to the surface shortly afterwards. Luffy makes it clear to Apis that Ryu’s wish has been granted and he could finally find peace. Everyone notes that the dragons show up here every 1,000 years to be present for the birth of the new dragons. Apis is also happy that Ryu has now been reborn in a new generation, so to speak.

Admiral Nelson has survived the sinking of his ship, but is taken out by Erik Whirlwind shortly after. Luffy now prepares for the final battle against Erik.

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