One Piece Episode 053


Luffy, Sanji and Zoro managed to escape as the navy takes care of Buggy and Alvida. Buggy tries to escape with the Separation Car and Alvida sliding on her alabaster feet, but Smoker stops them with White Out. Eventually, the two are locked in a lake net. Smoker demands that his men get his smokebike ready.

Mohji and Richie are caught trying to set the The Going Merry on fire. But due to the rain, this unfortunately goes badly. Nami and Usopp try to fight them off, but then the Navy shows up. With guns, they shoot at the The Going Merry as instructed.

During their escape, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji encounter Tashigi. She wants the King’s Sword handed to her since he is a villain. A fight breaks out and Luffy and Sanji, meanwhile, move on. Zoro emerges victorious from the duel, but leaves the lieutenant alive. The two argue afterwards, as Tashigi complains that he didn’t fight with his full strength because she is a woman. This reminds Zoro of Kuina and he tells her to stop being like his childhood friend.

Luffy and Sanji meet Smoker on the way, who had gotten a head start with his smokebike. Luffy wants Sanji to go ahead once and he would follow right after, but Smoker doubts that.

Usopp and Nami are still under fire from the navy. They pull up anchor so their ship won’t be damaged any further. Sanji shows up and takes out some marines. Usopp wants to help him, so he jumps into the water and takes out his slingshot. He is now closer to his opponents and defeats a few of them as well.

Luffy and Smoker are involved in a fight. The Straw Hat doesn’t stand a chance against the Marine Captain, as his gum-gum attacks simply go through Smoker’s body, which is made of smoke. Smoker then grabbed Luffy and pushed his head down onto the ground. He looks to finish him off with the jitte. However, Luffy can’t see that suddenly the man with the cape appears. Smoker apparently recognizes him. A strong wind comes up, forcing Smoker to let go of the boy. The gust reunites the straw hats that were still on land. Using the gum-gum slingshot, Luffy catapults himself and his comrades onto the The Going Merry.

Smoker asks the man, who is now standing on the roof, why he helped him. Dragon replies because his plans are not to be crossed. Smoker wants the ships provided, as he wants to set course for the Grand Line and pursue the Straw Hats. Tashigi also wants to go, as she has a score to settle with Roronoa Zoro.

On their ship, Buggy, his gang and Alvida also want to pursue the Straw Hat Pirates. To do so, they have to go to the Grand Line, which they don’t seem to mind.

The Going Merry: Sanji wants them all to make a pact before they sail to the Grand Line. He sets off first and says, with his foot on a barrel, that he wants to make it to find the All Blue. Luffy wants to be King of the Pirates and Zoro wants to be the best swordsman in the world. Nami has made it her goal to draw a map of the world. Usopp ponders for a moment until he puts his foot on the barrel and says he wants to be a brave warrior of the seas. So now it’s off to the Grand Line!

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