One Piece Episode 052


Luffy has climbed onto the scaffold. A policeman tells him to get down from there. However, a woman with an iron club beats him. She addresses Luffy about seeing each other after so long. Luffy doesn’t know what she means, though, since he’s never seen her before. Cloaked figures appear and their leader calls her Alvida. Luffy remembers the woman differently, however, and it is explained to him that she ate of the Alabaster Fruit after they met. The cloaked figures remove their cloaks and forth emerge Buggy the Clown and his crew. They seek revenge on the straw hat. Cabaji locks Luffy in a wooden board and Buggy wants to execute him.

Meanwhile, Nami tells her crewmates that there will be a hurricane soon. They should hurry back to the The Going Merry. However, they notice that Luffy is missing. A few citizens come running from the scaffold and yell, and Nami, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji know by this that they are dealing with Buggy. They split up; Zoro and Sanji go to the scaffold and Nami and Usopp go to the Going Merry.

Smoker gets a report that Buggy, Alvida and Luffy would be in the scaffold yard. He immediately orders the men to seal off the harbor and sink the pirate ships there. In turn, some were to go to the scaffold square and the rest were to be stationed in the side alleys. From a house, Smoker sees that Buggy wants to execute Luffy. The navy captain wants to make it happen because that way they would have less trouble with the pirate rabble.

Buggy wants to do the same and kill Luffy with a sword. His men cheer him on.

Nami and Usopp run to the The Going Merry, where Richie and Mohji already are. The two want to torch the caravel – just as a precaution.

Buggy is asking Luffy for his last words when Sanji and Zoro show up. The two fight their way through the pirates and Smoker plans to attack once the straw hat boy has been executed. Buggy lunges to strike and Luffy smiles just before his supposed death. For a bolt of lightning comes down from the sky and destroys the scaffold. Buggy has been hit, but Luffy doesn’t mind the electricity thanks to his devil fruit. Smoker gives the order to attack and the marines storm the place. The three Straw Hats flee and Smoker ponders why Luffy was smiling just before his “death”. There’s a report that the soldiers haven’t managed to sink the pirate ships yet because the ammunition got wet from the rain.

Luffy, Sanji and Zoro run towards the The Going Merry.

In the streets of Loguetown, you see a man with a cape and tattoos on his face. He thinks the wind should show them the way.

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